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5 Fashion Trends That Got Too Big

And yet you couldn't let them go.
Ever loved a style so much and suddenly realized so does everyone else? Not everyone likes twinning, especially when there are a hundred others sporting the same style. If there’s one thing true about fashion, it’s that it’s always in an exasperating

The 20 Times Preview Magazine Predicted the Future

From the laugh-out-loud to the purely iconic.
While flipping through the 1995-2004 archives for Preview’s 20th anniversary, we discovered a bunch of pages that seemed very now. There was a travel editorial where the editors photographed products (and models!) from top view. (#flatlay) Some epic group shots. (#squadgoals) And


Use it when you're feeling post-Alexa Chung, British cool.
We’re happy with the racially correct and gender-sensitive emojis that Apple just released. Really, we are. But we’re still yearning for the day when emojis are enough to convey what fashion folk truly feel. Here, a list of fasyon emojis that we

If Normcore Is Dead, What Is The New Normal?

Where is normcore a year later?
(Gif by Yayay De Castro)[UPDATED: March 12, 2015 - 9:53am]It’s so sad to watch a particularly comfortable trend go, but what is the new baseline for dressing now that normcore is over?For the longest time we thought of normcore as a classless

Stylesetter: Jessica Connelly

Her stand out style caused waves at Soul Surf 2014.
At the recently concluded Soul Surf 2014 Festival, we spotted a handful of head-turners that made it to our galleries. But one lady that truly stood out for us would have to be the lead songstress of local act Sinyma, Jess Connelly.

15 Minimalist Pieces Inspired By Our Celine Lopez And Georgina Wilson Cover

Take sartorial notes from our July 2014 cover and hoard everything white in sight!
Our July 2014 cover with Georgina Wilson and Celine Lopez is refreshing to see—barely there makeup, undone hair, and of course, those crisp white pieces that looks simple and impeccable, so we thought of putting together a (shopping!) list of pieces inspired

How To Wear The Tomboy Trend Without Looking Like A Boy

We show you how to pull off the unisex look without going overboard!
We’ve talked about the normcore trend, we’ve talked about unisex and genderless dressing, so why not help you create looks you can wear on any given day? Draw inspiration from the men’s department and incorporate it into your usual pieces and out

5 Fashion Pieces You Need Right Now

And we mean, right now. Let these micro trends creep into your daily must-haves.
Unisex dressing and normcore are some of the micro trends that we're absolutely loving right now. The thought of picking pieces that are clean, crisp, polished, yet comfortable makes us want to run to the nearest mall. We bid goodbye to some

Preview July 2014: Celine Lopez And Georgina Wilson

The two It girls join in this month's fashion talks.
This year’s Best Dressed issue focuses on fashion conversations—between mother and daughter, hubaderas, writers, dancers, and more. Two of the ladies featured, who are also on this month's cover, are Celine Lopez and Georgina Wilson—It Girls, then and now. These gorgeous style mavens, sporting

New Balance Fires Back At Karl Lagerfeld

New Balance Fires Back At Karl Lagerfeld
While designers are trading in strappy stilettos for lace-up trainers, some might be veering too close to the normcore norm. New Balance gets fired up as they sue Karl Lagerfeld for mimicking its signature sneaker in a style for his namesake line.

Fashion Vocabulary: What Is Normcore?

And is it really the next big thing in fashion?
If Hollywood is breeding a new set of celebrities―the class we’d like to call anti-IT girls like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Shailene Woodley―fashion has normcore. The premise: to look as normal as possible.But that’s the thing, normal is completely subjective. The past few months,