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Here's Your First Look at the Miss Universe National Gift Auction Gowns

Filipino designers post tantalizing teasers.
In preparation for tonight's National Gift Auction, we've spotted a few homegrown designers posting teasers just before the debut of their creations. We know the whole country is glued to the event, and tonight's festivities are no different. Here, we clue you

Fashion Editorial: Six Degrees

Here's a peek at our favorite #PhFW Holiday collections.
This month, we zoom in on our favorite Holiday 2016 collections from Philippine Fashion Week in a fashion editorial that explores light, shadow, and color."In the case of an on-trend girl who wants to set herself apart from everyone else, Jerome Salaya

Noel Crisostomo's Lock and Key

Lock and load it.
Oversized metal zippers and chunky studs are juxtaposed in calculated designs to create unique embellishments on Noel Crisostomo's printed trenches and shell tops. With a bit of a '60s flavor, he blends sporty and industrial aesthetics to create tailored pieces that are sleek

Designer Spotlight: Phfw S/s 2013 Day 4

Reviews: Cary Santiago and Luxe Wear Collection.
PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK SPRING/SUMMER 2013 DAY 4: CARY SANTIAGOCebu’s pride whipped up another batch of to-die-for pieces with a Japanese flair.First seen in the September issue of Preview, Cary once again displayed his visionary brilliance with origami-inspired creations on the PHFW runway.

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2012: Ang, Crisostomo, Jimenez & Esac

A powerhouse show on the last day of Philippine Fashion Week.
The last day of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 brought us five designers—Jerome Salaya Ang, Noel Crisostomo, Sassa Jimenez, and Raoul Ramirez and Audie Espino for EsAc—bearing four collections, which varied from the otherworldly to the current, from the frivolous to the

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2011: Premier A

Lyle Ibañez, Noel Crisostomo, Raoul Ramirez, and Ronaldo Arnaldo give us a sparkly summer.
If there is a unifying quality among the four Premier A collections of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, it’s sparkle and shine. Lyle Ibañez, Noel Crisostomo, Raoul Ramirez, and Ronaldo Arnaldo delivered 20+ looks each that portend a shining, shimmering, and splendid

Runway Beauty: Premier B

Lips take centerstage at the Premier B fashion show.
Although most designers that shared the stage at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 shows chose to stick to the same make up and hair look for easier transition, Czarina Villa, John Guarnes, Kenneth Chua, Lizanne Cua and Noel Crisostomo chose to

Noel Crisostomo Pfw Teaser

Watch the video where the designer talks about his PFW debut.
Noel Crisostomo has been creating clothes since he was 10 years old, having learned the craft from a resourceful mother who made clothes for him and his seven siblings. He has since established himself as a formidable designer here and abroad, being