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Liza Soberano Swears By This Beauty Trick When She's Feeling Tired

It'll perk you right up!
Last night we caught up with Nivea's newest face, Liza Soberano. Aside from introducing their latest products, the MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water and Whip Foam Cleanser, we got to talk to Liza about her skincare secrets, and there's one in particular

The Pits: 4 Easy Solutions to Whiter Underarms

Who is fairest of them all?
Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model or a pop star, your armpits are probably the least of your worries when it comes to your beauty routine. At most we’ll probably shell out for laser treatments but for most girls, shaving and swiping

5 Ways to Have Fun in Bohol

Without stressing out those poor tarsiers.
Sure, we all like basking under the sun, burning daylight away with hot sand between our toes. But for someone who’s looking for a more complete Bohol experience, be sure to fit these into your itinerary:1. Face your fear of heights and

10 Things that Went Down at the Nivea Summer Kickoff

Plane drama, a high-flying adventure, and a whole lot more.
While February has yet to roll in, our perennially sunshine-y state means bikini season is never far away. To start off the summer with a bang, Nivea carted us off to Bohol, where we quickly realized that summer is just around the

5 Drugstore Whitening Products That Actually Work

Get even and brighter skin in no time.
You can double up on the anti-aging products to fight fine lines and wrinkles all you want, but nothing gives away age faster than an uneven skin tone. And while some think that tanning might even it out, remember that bathing under

How To Look Good In The Gym

Relax, we're not talking about makeup.
You’ll never know who you’ll bump into at the gym. It could be your ex-bufra, his new girl, or even your future beau, for all you know. And while workout gear is easy to nail (we are obsessed with shopping for sports bras,

Too Tired Or Sleepy To Wash Your Face? We Have The Answer!

Here's how Nivea made the beauty addicts #ComeClean.
How does that saying go again? What comes on must come off? No? Well, make it stick, because that’s the mantra of the modern-day beauty girl (or any busy woman for that matter). We’ve all fallen trap to the duvet’s lures of

7 Ways To Stay Radiant

And protect your milky white skin.
While summer may be the season of the sun, others might not be as quick to embrace the season’s skin-darkening ways.  Though a bevy of skin-brightening products lay at consumers’ disposal, we’ve whittled everything down to these tried and tested favorites. All

Top 10 Sunscreens For Your Eyes, Lips, And Hair

For your more sensitive areas, grease up with these picks!
Practicing safe sun means creating an armor against the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from the body and face, these delicate spots need extra attention, too. Remember that the eyes and lips possess thin, delicate skin and can show the first signs of

Ask An Editor: What's In My 7107 Bag?

Clueless on what to bring to your first music festival? Click here!
Q: I'm going to my first ever music festival this weekend and I have no idea what to bring! Can you share me your list so I won't overpack (because that happens to me all. the. time.)? A: I totally get what you

Surefire Ways To Touchable Skin

Be the smoothest version of yourself this Valentine's.
As V-day nears, we’re sure all you girls want to get gussied up for your man (or perhaps the possibility of snagging one during your Valentine bar crawl). But Valentine’s is all about softness. A soft makeup look, a delicate outfit, soft

Sunscreen And Tanning Spray In One? Oh, Yes!

Nivea Sun's latest product, Protect & Bronze, is a must-have this summer.
With the summer heat slowly seeping in, I couldn’t anymore hide my excitement for what’s ahead. I’ve been daydreaming about my blue-sky holiday basking in the sun, sand between my toes, sipping on Frozen Margaritas by the beach, and showing off a

Eunice's Favorite Things’s Managing Editor shows what’s in her survival kit for the season.
I’ve been having quite the love-hate relationship with Manila summers these past few years—beach getaways and sexy, balmy nights notwithstanding, the extreme weather has been a challenge for fair-skinned beauty girls like me. Near-40-degree temps are welcome when you’re laying out on

Charina Sarte: Summer 2012

The swimwear designer launches her latest collection in collaboration with Nivea Sun and the Department of Tourism.
You know why #itsmorefuninthephilippines? Because while the rest of the fashion world—or the Northern Hemisphere, at least—is still shielding itself from the nippy remnants of winter, we in the tropics can luxuriate in skimpy clothing practically all year long. And not just

Glam Board Express

Mango and Nivea team up with a new—and oh-so-fun—Facebook application.
Nivea recently partnered with international fashion label, Mango, to launch the former's latest body lotion, Nivea Express Hydration. They're taking this approach claiming that enviably healthy skin is the best complement to your sartorial choices.  This latest innovation from Nivea contains the

Clean Slate

Enjoy a relaxing bath with these luxuriously moisturizing products.
Everybody enjoys a good long bath. Whether a way to enliven your senses in the morning for the day to come or as a means to cool down at night after a hard days work, baths for most of us equal much