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Here's Your Access to Free Yoga Classes

Ready your mats!
In the hustle and bustle of the city, squeezing in a few minutes of exercise can be quite daunting for some. Nevermind the heat, but the heavy traffic you'll face going to the gym is almost always unsettling. In most scenarios, you're

5 Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

Stronger bodies and a stronger relationship.
The maxim “The road to perdition is paved with good intentions” somehow always reverberates in our heads when we think of working out. After all, it’s called working out for a reason: There’s no merit in “good intentions” unless acted upon. Sweat

What's It Like For A Girl To Be In A Male-dominated Sport?

Let's hear it from Leticia Bufoni.
Let's talk about girl power. Brazilian skateboarder and Nike Women brand ambassador, Leticia Bufoni, has taken the world of boardsports by storm. The twenty-one-year-old is the current Female Skater of the year and has been named the number one women’s street skateboarder

Meet 5 Of The Most Inspiring Women In Sports

Know their story and take a note or two.
Listen up, ladies! Drop those Christmas fruitcakes, start drafting your New Year's resolution list and commit to a more fit and active lifestyle. Your super adorable workout clothes and your Nike Roshes shouldn’t be collecting dust in your closet. This year, fitness

7 Reasons Why You Should Work Out With Your Girl Friends

If you've been procrastinating in the fitness department, we suggest enlisting the help of your best pals.
It’s true: “You don’t have to be great to start; but you DO have to start to be great.” That saying speaks volumes when it comes to fitness. How many times have you actually told yourself, “I promise to work out tomorrow,”

Brand Index: Nike

Nikes on your feet keep your cipher complete.
Much like its high-heeled counterpart, sneakers today have become an essential in making fashion statements as opposed to just being reserved for workouts and sporting activities. We see more and more fashionphiles during fashion week pairing their dresses and statement pieces with

5 Must-have Fitness Apps

We pick our favorite apps to help you get fit anytime, anywhere!
This year we’ve seen the shift from just strict dieting to actually being physically active when it comes to working out and sports. There was a boom in fun runs, triathlons, and even new fitness routines that we all supported and got