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Remember “Practical Magic”? It's Getting a Prequel on HBO!

Tweens of the aughties, rejoice!
Girls who grew up in the late '90s and aughties have had reason to celebrate with the revival of beloved movies, shows, and characters we loved while we were growing up: there’s Gilmore Girls, the Archie comics through Riverdale, and even Sabrina

In Good Company With Pauline Juan

Spending your Sunday evening alone? Flip on the TV for some Good Company.
Binging on downloaded series has become a weekend habit for some of us. Others though, still prefer the company of a good old TV screen over laptops and headphones.Now if you’re looking for something new to catch on the boob tube then

It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez

Yes, it does!
Are you all set to see them on reality television? Well, ready or not, one of the country’s favorite showbiz families, the Gutierrezes, are upping their ante with a new TV show worth bragging about. They've kept mum about it for five