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"Emily in Paris" Has Just Been Renewed for Two More Seasons

Season two garnered 107.6 million hours of viewing time in just its first week.
It hasn’t even been a full month since the sophomore release of Emily in Paris dropped on Netflix, and yet the streamer has already renewed it for not just one, but two more seasons!Yep, no matter your reason for binge-watching this comedic

What Is "Single's Inferno," the Korean Reality Dating Show Dominating Netfllix?

Meet the show's handsome cast of contestants who are quickly becoming social media stars.
Reality shows are nothing without the drama that unfolds in some of television's most candid and unscripted moments. As of late, Netflix has picked up on quite the selection with varying genres to choose from. Though there’s a long list available, what

10 Most Watched Netflix Original Shows of All Time

You probably already know which show took the top spot.
There’s nothing like a fresh new series to get the world talking. Nowadays, when there’s a hit show, a cultural whirlwind follows right after. It could be an endless stream of memes, an obsession with hot new actors, or a supercharged fashion

Here’s What Gong Yoo Has to Say About the Negative Reviews on "The Silent Sea"

The Netflix K-drama received an overwhelming amount of harsh criticism upon its release.
With a star-studded cast, visually stunning sets, and a (literally) out-of-this-world plot, expectations ran high for The Silent Sea a month before its premiere. However, riding off of the success of Netflix K-drama phenoms Squid Game and Hellbound, as it turns out,

Here’s Why the Costume Designer of “Emily in Paris” Doesn’t Mind If You Don’t Like Emily’s Style

Patricia Field also worked on the iconic wardrobes seen in "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada"!
ICYMI, the highly-anticipated second season of Emily in Paris officially premiered last December 22, just in time for the holidays! If you're among those who binge-watched the new season last week, you're probably still thinking about Emily's bold and idiosyncratic wardrobe, which

Here's the Real Meaning Behind Gong Yoo's Neck Tattoo in "The Silent Sea"

The actor was dedicated to telling his character Han Yun-jae's story.
One of the gifts that ardent K-drama fans received this holiday season is The Silent Sea, a new Netflix series that dropped on Christmas day. The eight-episode drama is Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo's comeback to the small screen, and old and new

10 Korean Thriller Movies Online That Will Keep You Up at Night

South Koreans are masters of this genre!
Suspense is an especially difficult movie genre to pull off. Not only do you have to come up with a compelling storyline—a challenge as there are hundreds of movies made each year—you also need a skillful cast and crew to deliver on

10 K-Dramas That Prove "The Silent Sea" Actress Bae Doona's Versatility

She's actually starred in quite a number of romantic comedies.
Since the beginning of her career in 1999, Bae Doona has made a name for herself with her acclaimed performances of challenging roles. She is best known for her drama and thriller movies, having been catapulted into the spotlight since her buzzworthy

10 K-Dramas Coming Out in 2022 We're Most Excited to Watch

2022 is offering a spectacular K-drama line-up that might just top 2021.
2021 was a record-breaking year for Korean dramas. Netflix’s Squid Game reportedly reached 3 billion minutes-worth of views in just one week, a level of success often ascribed to Western favorites like The Crown and Umbrella Academy. Meanwhile, Vincenzo ended its run to become one

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This January 2022

There's a new Korean zombie series coming next year, and we're already on the edge of our seats.
Looks like we’re ushering in the new year with 10 more binge-worthy Netflix releases this coming January 2022. The thrilling list includes the much-anticipated Korean zombie series All of Us Are Dead and Janine Gutierrez’s romantic drama Ikaw.Check out the full list

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actress Bae Doona

The "Kingdom" and "The Silent Sea" actress is also a Hollywood star.
Whether you’re a K-drama newbie or a die-hard fan, you’ve probably come across the name Bae Doona at least once. This veteran actress is not only a huge star in Korea but also worldwide after having appeared in a slew of Hollywood

7 Most Expensive Films and TV Shows Netflix Has Produced So Far

Can you believe a series can cost up to a whopping P26 billion?
There’s no ignoring Netflix’s stellar entrance into in-house productions. What used to be a streaming service is now a master at serving hit after hit with their own films and series. In the past few years, they’ve created amazing entertainment with A-list

Netflix's "Single All the Way" Is the Feel-Good Gay Rom-Com We Need Right Now

The holiday movie goes exactly where it’s expected to—and maybe that's what we all need right now.
Last year, the talk-of-the-town holiday rom-com was Hulu’s Happiest Season, starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in a long-term relationship. This year, Netflix has taken the cue and offered its first gay holiday romance film, Single All the Way, a colorful but ultimately

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This December 2021

Who's ready for the last five episodes of "Money Heist"?
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this December, including the second half of Money Heist’s final season, and the upcoming Korean Original sci-fi series The Silent Sea, starring Gong Yoo.Check out the full list of exciting new films and