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10 Places To Go Bare Down There

As beach season beckons, a bare bikini line is in order.
The summer sun brings a multitude of beachgoers decked out in the skimpiest of swimwear. And, yes, it’s true: Where there’s sun, there’s skin, and there’s nothing more awkward than spotting a wayward line of hair peeking out from your bikini seam.

Treat Your Tips

It's time to spoil your hands and feet with some extra TLC.
Your hands and feet are exposed to a different kind of stress. Built to withstand hours of walking, running, working, and lifting, it makes sense to pamper your hard working limbs every once in a while. This holds true especially during the

The Real Deal On Stem Cell Skincare

Nyssa Feredo of Neo Day Spa sheds a light on the latest anti-aging skincare technology.
Today's buzz word for anti-aging is "stem cell." With the overwhelming products available in the beauty counters claiming this technology, to shed a light on this novel age-defying technology, we ask Nyssa Feredo of Neo Day Spa to explain the real deal on

Neo Spa Ultimate Detox

Managing Editor Eunice Lucero goes for a mid-year cleanse.
I’m no stranger to diets and detox programs and figured the start of July was an opportune time to do another—not only is it a mid-year point, it’s also birthday month. Detoxing before I turned a year older was poetic justice to both body and soul.Nadine

Beauty Lab: Neo Day Spa's Nail Bar

Or: Quite possibly Fashion Week’s best manicure.
Are you a side-peeler, top-chipper, hangnail biter, or like me, all of the above? Seeing as we’re #AlwaysOn(/line), our manis, obviously, are the first to go. Luckily, our crisis-savvy friends at Neo Day Spa at The Fort were quick on the uptake.

Pampering Mom At Neo Day Spa

Isha Andaya-Valles and her mom Carla Andaya try a luxe foot spa for Mother's Day.
Isha Andaya-Valles, Managing Editor, and her mom Carla AndayaEver since I got married and moved out of the house, I found I only got to see my mom for our regular family lunches on Sunday or on special occasions. Both of us have

Beauty Lab: Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual

We review Neo Day Spa's latest scrub+massage offering that made us silky smooth and seriously relaxed in just 90 minutes.
REGGIE AQUINO, Associate Beauty EditorWHAT IT IS:Meant to transport you to a quiet mountain landscape, the Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual involves a mild scrub using cooling crystals and a soothing massage administered using the tips of crystal wands. All products used during

Beauty Lab: Neo Day Spa's Treats For Two

Two Style Bible couples roadtest Valentine's Day couple's treatments.
Between V-Day falling on a Monday and the throngs of twosomes taking over public areas, we think the biggest indulgence on the 14th will be quality alone time with your honey. Although a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant is always nice,