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5 Clean Beauty Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Trust us, their purified formulas and superb products would be a great addition to your makeup collection.
Appreciating your makeup’s glorious pigment and packaging is one thing. But have you ever stopped to wonder what they're made out of? When shopping for these products, it’s only right that you’re as nitpicky with the ingredients as you are with skincare.

These Are Lush's 10 Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

We are huge fans of their shampoo bars.
Even if you walk around malls with your eyes closed, we guarantee that you'd know exactly when a Lush store is nearby. Catching a whiff of the scents of their soaps and bath bombs is inevitable, which is immediately an attempting invitation

10 Natural and Plant-Based Lipsticks to Try for a Gorgeous Pout

Your lips but naturally better.
With the clean beauty movement growing overseas, the demand for more naturally-derived, safe, and sustainable products is in an all-time high. Locally, it's not that difficult to find products with these specs—the struggle is more on pointing out which ones exactly are

10 All-Natural Lip Products That Won't Dry Out Your Lips

Some are organic, too!
We're fans of lipsticks of all kinds, but there's something about an all-natural formula that puts our hearts at ease. Is it a placebo effect? Probably. Still, switching to plant-based, organic, and simple formulas definitely won't hurt once in a while. The

Online Store of the Week: Lococo

Natural beauty products delivered to your doorstep.
Believe it or not, natural beauty products aren't that hard to find. Here in the Philippines, we're particularly surrounded by natural brands. Simplifying our beauty routines with kind-to-skin products is incredibly easy. Having this much natural resources has to have a benefit,

Burt's Bees All Natural Lip Color

Yup, they exist: 100% natural lippies, safe enough to eat.
"A woman consumes an average of 6 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime," was our takeaway from the launch. This line was quite a shocker, and a vision of a six-pound tube of orange lipstick inside our bodies came to mind. Luckily

Human Nature Now In Beauty Bar

The eco friendly brand launches as the first local brand to retail in the beauty supply shop.
Celebrating their two year anniversary just last November 2010, natural-based personal care brand Human Nature is looking forward to yet another milestone this April – becoming the first local brand to retail in Beauty Bar. With their brand carrying products to cleanse