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Here's How Rice Water Can Give You Stronger, Shinier Hair

Asian women have sworn by this trick for centuries!
One of the first things you do when cooking rice is wash the grains to remove all that extra starch and dirt. But did you know the cloudy water you normally throw away can be good for your hair? The next time

5 Clean Beauty Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Trust us, their purified formulas and superb products would be a great addition to your makeup collection.
Appreciating your makeup’s glorious pigment and packaging is one thing. But have you ever stopped to wonder what they're made out of? When shopping for these products, it’s only right that you’re as nitpicky with the ingredients as you are with skincare.

7 Youthful Makeup Looks That Will Make You Fresh

Sometimes less really is more!
Being experimental with your makeup is fun. You can be wearing burgundy lipstick one day and a nude gloss the next. Makeup doesn't always have to mean a fully made-up face with foundation, concealer, and contour.Of course, there are some days that

10 Gentle, Natural Shampoos That Won't Dry Out Your Hair

Looking to switch to natural hair care?
Making the switch to more natural beauty products? Your hair regimen might be a good place to start. We already showed you some eco-friendly shampoo bars to try, but if you’re not quite ready to give up liquid shampoos, you still have

10 Natural and Plant-Based Lipsticks to Try for a Gorgeous Pout

Your lips but naturally better.
With the clean beauty movement growing overseas, the demand for more naturally-derived, safe, and sustainable products is in an all-time high. Locally, it's not that difficult to find products with these specs—the struggle is more on pointing out which ones exactly are

8 Local and Natural Skincare Brands You Need to Check Out

Going all-natural has never been this easy!
Once you decide to go natural with your skincare, look no further than our vast selection of homegrown brands. You can find everything you need—from basic cleansers to serums and masks! Ahead, we list down local beauty brands we love for achieving that

How to Achieve a Korean-Inspired Natural Makeup Look

Learn from top Korean beauty guru Jung Saem Mool.
Preview sat down with makeup artist Jung Saem Mool to learn about pulling off that dewy look that highlights a natural kind of beauty—one that’s far from stark and is lit from within. “Natural makeup gives you more confidence,” she says, and we

4 Easy Essential Oil Recipes for Better Skin

Heal your skin naturally.
It's no secret that the gospel of essential oils has been making its rounds on the internet. After all, there's no better healer than Mother Nature herself. And if it's a chemical-free way to better skin you're looking for, then this is

10 All-Natural Lip Products That Won't Dry Out Your Lips

Some are organic, too!
We're fans of lipsticks of all kinds, but there's something about an all-natural formula that puts our hearts at ease. Is it a placebo effect? Probably. Still, switching to plant-based, organic, and simple formulas definitely won't hurt once in a while. The

5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine

This natural ingredient is loaded with benefits.
The health benefits of coconut oil need no introduction. Its healthy fats and natural antioxidants are reason enough to incorporate it into your diet! However, don't forget that this oil has major beauty perks, too. You can use it for practically any

A Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

Find the best method for you!
Natural remedies are making their way back into the mainstream through essential oils, and if you're a fan of amazing scents and approaching health the old fashioned way, then it might be for you.Basically, essential oils are volatile liquids that are extracted

Online Store of the Week: Pili Beauty

It's the all-natural, sustainable beauty brand you need to know about.
Combining nature and science, Pili Beauty is bringing eco-friendly, sustainable beauty back with a modern twist. What started as a project for helping local farmers in Bicol has become the newest homegrown brand to watch out for, thanks to a not-so-secret secret

Online Store of the Week: Lococo

Natural beauty products delivered to your doorstep.
Believe it or not, natural beauty products aren't that hard to find. Here in the Philippines, we're particularly surrounded by natural brands. Simplifying our beauty routines with kind-to-skin products is incredibly easy. Having this much natural resources has to have a benefit,