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15 of the Most Jaw-Dropping National Costumes at Miss Universe Philippines 2022

They floated down Vigan in the most sensational national costume looks for this year's pageant.
This year's National Costume segment of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant was certainly one for the books! The theme meant for this year’s presentation was habi, or weaving in Tagalog, with each finalist's costume needing to be comprised of at least 30% Philippine textiles or weaving. "The

Did You Know? Miss Nigeria's Winning Costume Was Made by a Young Filipino Designer

Kennedy Jhon Gasper's creation snagged the Best in National Costume prize during the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.
Miss Nigeria Maristella Okpala's national costume at the Miss Universe 2021 impressively captured her country's culture.It won for the 28-year-old beauty queen the Best in National Costume award during the pageant's grand coronation night on Sunday, December 12, 2021 (December 13, Monday

12 of the Most Show-Stopping National Costumes at Miss Universe Philippines 2021

These queens pulled out all the stops in this year’s National Costume presentation!
Year in and year out, one of the most looked forward to events in the Miss Universe Philippines competition is the National Costume presentation. Don't think it's just about pretty garments and over-the-top headdresses though. The segment proves to be a buffet

The Best Pageant National Costumes Inspired by South East Asian Food

Southeast Asia is owning this game.
The national costumes show is arguably the most exciting, and somehow controversial, bit of any pageant. We've seen practically everything get worn by candidates and yet somehow, they still manage to surprise us every year.Take Miss World Iloilo candidate Ann Palmares, for

10 Most Memorable National Costumes Worn by Miss Universe Philippines So Far

Take a look at some of the best national costumes donned by Philippine candidates throughout the years.
Most segments of the Miss Universe pageant are arguably uniform, with each candidate exhibiting poise, glamour, and substance– really proving the mettle of her intensive pageant training and preparation. In contrast, the National Costume or NatCos competition is full of variety and surprise.

All the Most Jaw-Dropping National Costumes from Miss Universe 2020

See Bahamas’ Flight to Paradise, Vietnam’s Kén Em, and many more!
The coronation night of Miss Universe 2020 is only a few days away, and the preliminaries already have us watching the competition on the edge of our seats. During the national costume parade last night, Miss Universe candidates proudly walked in extravagant

You Have to See the National Costumes at Binibining Pilipinas 2019

These are on a whole new level of spectacular.
There's only one word fitting to describe these looks from the 2019 Binibining Pilipinas candidates: showstopping. In a diverse, flamboyant show of our nation's colorful cultural heritage, the country's 40 hopefuls debuted their official National Costume portraits on the pageant's Facebook page! You

10 Best Philippine Costumes Ever Worn on the Miss Universe Stage

Design gimmickry aside, it's all about the woman, the dress, and the country.
Has the national costume segment replaced Q&A as the most exciting part of any beauty pageant? It has evolved from a mere cultural presentation into its own kind of spectacle—and for better or worse, a wellspring of content for the Interwebs.When a