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7 Places in the Philippines Where You Can Go Skinny Dipping

Bare it all!
Lately, Aubrey Miles really has us thinking: Why not go skinny dipping? There's something innately thrilling about swimming in the nude—for one, it's not something typically done on most beaches, and second, baring skin that's usually hidden is an adventure in itself.

Kim Kardashian's 10 Naked Outfits

Kim likes it au naturel. Or is this way too naturel?
Year after year, the naked dress has proven its ability to withstand the test of trends and time. From Marilyn Monroe’s sparkly, skin-tight Jean Louis for when she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK to the various re-incarnations of Rose McGowan’s scandalous 1998

4 Body Parts That Can Go Naked The Whole Year-round

Dare to go bare? We tell which parts of your body are sexy but oh-so-classy.
In this season and READ: extremely humid weather, it’s no doubt you girls are beginning to strip off your clothing. Less layering, thinner materials, and less cloth per item, that is. Although we think showing your cleavage, butt cheeks, side boob, and