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10 Classic Nail Polish Shades That Will Never Go Out of Style

Count on these timeless colors!
These shades would work whatever outfits you wear, whatever skin tone you have, and whatever mood you’re in. As with your wardrobe, you can feel free to also purchase more unique colors that suit your personal style, but these 10 shades will

Nail Polish Hues to Make You Stand Out This Summer

Polish perfect.
For a fashion girl, a pristine manicure adds just as much impact to an outfit as any other accessory—be it a simple choker, embellished earrings, or a set of bangles. And like any other accessory, it too follows certain trends with the

5 Sandals and Polish Combos to Try

Because our feet need a breather from heels and closed shoes.
Matchy-matchy is once again having a moment and this time we’re taking it down below—to our feet and toes, we mean. Here we give you five sandals and polishes that perfectly complement each other. Just make sure you steer clear of toe


The best and safest brands to use on your nails.
There's a whole side to nail polish that most of us aren't aware of, and it's an extremely dark one.Most nail polish brands have toxic chemicals in them with massive side effects when used over time. One such ingredient is formaldehyde -

Victoria Beckham Is Launching A Collection Of Nail Polish

Victoria Beckham Is Launching A Collection Of Nail Polish
Victoria Beckham, has teamed up with Nails Inc. to create her debut range of limited edition polishes.The 40-year-old fashion designer, who launched her eponymous fashion label in 2008, has designed the line to reflect iconic pieces from her apparel collections, for which

Hot New Nail Polishes To Try

Treat your tips to these new offerings you won't be able to resist.
Feeling a bit rebellious or in need of something luxurious? No need to look further because if you’re aspiring to achieve these looks for the second half of the year, the key is all in your hands, literally. If you ask us