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This Diet Hack is the Solution to Eating Less Rice

Nutritionist Nadine Tengco weighs in.
Rice lovers, listen up. A nutritionist just found a way to boost your health game without cutting out your beloved grain from your diet. That, plus tricking you into eating more veggies as well. Curious? Keep reading!According to weight loss expert Nadine Tengco,

10 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Get Rid of a Bloated Belly

Feel and look your best for that big event!
More than having nothing to wear and getting a bad breakout, a bloated tummy truly gets in the way of anyone's big event preps. The "eat healthy and exercise" tip sadly won't cut it at times like this. The quickest and most

Everything a Healthy Eater Needs to Stock in Her Pantry

Throw away that refined sugar.
Convenience is key to sustainable healthy cooking. Embellish fresh produce with select convenience products and enhance them with flavorful condiments, herbs, and spices for a win-win approach to good taste and long lasting good health.OILSMonounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential to good

How to Stick to Your Diet Even While Eating Out

There’s nothing that breaks a diet better than dining out.
Dining out is not an excuse for sabotaging your diet. Plan ahead and avoid weight gain by following these simple tips: 1. “Undress” your food—order simple foods without sauce. It’s hard to tell what is in certain dishes, especially those that combine a

3 Ways to Stick to Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions

Stay on track!
How many of us actually keep our resolutions? Research shows, only 8% of people follow through on their New Year’s resolutions! The majority often break their resolutions by January 15, says Tony Robbins, life coach to the most powerful and successful people

3 Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight Gain Fast

According to a celebrity nutritionist.
Did you know that the average person gains about two pounds over the holidays, while those who are already overweight gain five or more pounds? According to a report in The New England Journal of Medicine, most people do not lose the

Substituting Rice with Other Carbs Actually Makes You Bigger

Yup. You can put your quinoa away.
Conventionally, there are three meals one must take everyday—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But in my case, it’s at least six. Because after breakfast comes a snack, after lunch comes merienda, and after dinner comes dessert. For me, food isn’t just a way

The Smoothie Recipe to Get Anne Curtis' Abs

Goodbye bloating!
There are still a couple of long weekends left to squeeze in a beach getaway before the holiday season rolls out full swing. If you’re planning to flaunt your hot bod for that, make sure you don’t have the flabs. Here’s a

Celebrity Diet: Fitness Is Fashion

Score some food recommendations from our healthy-eating celebs.
When people talk about the word “diet,” a common misconception is usually to go on an eating hiatus and totally discard meal intakes. And for everyone’s sake, we’ll just go ahead and say it out loud: That is not the proper way

Neo Spa Ultimate Detox

Managing Editor Eunice Lucero goes for a mid-year cleanse.
I’m no stranger to diets and detox programs and figured the start of July was an opportune time to do another—not only is it a mid-year point, it’s also birthday month. Detoxing before I turned a year older was poetic justice to both body and soul.Nadine

Raymond Gutierrez Loses 40 Pounds! [updated]

The editor and television host on why he's celebrated his best birthday yet.
Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends. In Raymond Gutierrez's case, it was thanks to constant prodding (and sometimes nagging) from his good friend Georgina Wilson that he decided to make a change in lifestyle.Introducing him to her