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Inside Nadine Lustre’s Stunning Winter Vacation in France

Here's a glimpse of her dreamy trip with her French beau Christophe Bariou.
There’s nothing quite like a trip to France, even for A-list celebrities. Nadine Lustre, who recently jet-setted with boyfriend Christophe Bariou, went to the stunning country for a trip, and boy, is she doing it in style. Whether she’s skiing on the storied

4 Times Local Celebrities Opened Up About Gaining Weight

One actress got real about why she doesn't ignore body-shamers.
One topic that comes up too often when talking about women is weight. From family reunions to social media, people seem to always find an opportunity to bring it up—especially if you've gained or lost some. These unsolicited comments are so prevalent

9 Celebrity-Approved Updo Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Beat the heat and look cute, too!
The urge to just grab a handful of hair and twist it into what hopefully resembles a bun gets more real whenever summer rolls around. As the temperature rises, our desire to join #TeamShortHair also escalates. On the other hand, many long-haired folks just opt

Nadine Lustre Recalls Struggling with Her Mental Health As a Young Actress

The superstar credits her inner circle of friends and a mental health professional for helping ease her anxieties.
We often regard Nadine Lustre as a stoic character who always keeps her cool. Perhaps the only times we see her go off in emotional outbursts is when she's embodying a role that requires her to be anything but herself. Although, there

Here's the Reason Why Nadine Lustre Doesn't Want to Be in a Love Team Anymore

She also shared her take on a possible reunion project with ex-beau James Reid in the future.
After the blowout success of her love team with ex-beau James Reid over the years, Nadine Lustre is now ready to reintroduce herself as a solo artist, and it looks like there’s no turning back for her.“I feel like I’m totally past

Did You Know? These Famous Celebrities Once Auditioned for "Pinoy Big Brother"

One of these stars tried out for a whole day but sadly still didn't make it!
Many Filipinos often wonder what it's like inside the iconic Pinoy Big Brother house. Auditionees come in waves every time a new edition of the reality show is announced, with each one eagerly shooting their shot to become the next "Big Winner."In fact, even

Nadine Lustre Reveals the Real Reason Why She Doesn't Want to Have Kids

"I might just adopt."
Nadine Lustre has always been open about how her deeply personal experiences have shaped her character, particularly her acting career and past relationships. But it’s perhaps her humanitarian work and sense of social responsibility that taught her the greatest lessons, especially about parenthood.When asked by celebrity dermatologist

How This Filipino-Owned Swimwear Brand Caught the Attention of International Celebrities

Blackbough Swim is the Insta-famous brand that has won the hearts of Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, Vanessa Hudgens, and more.
If you’re a beach-loving, bikini-wearing babe who lives and breathes on Instagram, you’ve most likely come across Blackbough Swim on your feed. Whether it’s a simple tag on a sultry summer post by an influencer or the algorithm just wants you to

Nadine Lustre Just Got a Dragon Tattoo and It's Her Biggest One Yet

Just when we thought Nadine couldn't get any cooler!
Nadine Lustre just turned herself into the real life "girl with the dragon tattoo." Spotted yesterday, January 20, at Vimana Tattoo, the actress had a majestic Chinese-style dragon etched on the right side of her back, whose body and tail extended all

8 Times Nadine Lustre Proved She's the Internet's "President"

She definitely isn't afraid to speak her mind.
Nadine Lustre has secured her spot as a respected actress in the entertainment scene ever since her rise to stardom. However, most of what she’s known for isn’t just restricted to the big screen, but for what she’s been doing off camera and off

7 Celebs Who Wore Stylish OOTDs for Their Grocery Runs

They're proof that low-key doesn't have to skimp on chicness.
The weekly grocery run doesn’t entail a stylish look for most people, but the rules don’t apply to these celebs, who make snapping up fruits and veggies look like a runway show.Talk about making every day count, even ones that are meant

10 Nadine Lustre Movies That Made Her the Star She Is Today

Take a trip down memory lane with films like "Diary ng Panget" and "Never Not Love You".
Who can catch up with Nadine Lustre these days? The star seems to have her hands full with projects left and right. Recent ventures include making feel-good music, helping out with her mother’s plant shop, and becoming a viral meme for waiting

Nadine Lustre Installs Solar Panels in Siargao with Rumored Boyfriend Christophe Bariou

In a Facebook post by Christophe, the actress was seen personally helping the typhoon-stricken victims.
Residents impacted by the devastating impact of Typhoon Odette are slowly restarting to rebuild their lives. A lot of celebrities have used their platform to help the typhoon victims, from Cebuano couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young to Siargao-based vloggers Philmar Alipayo