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Lyca Gairanod Looks So Glamorous in Her 17th Birthday Photoshoot

She's all grown up!
By now, the internet is well aware that Lyca Gairanod celebrates her birthday on November 21, thanks to that iconic interaction with her fellow Scorpio and ka-birthday, journalist Karen Davila. In preparation for her 17th birthday, the The Voice Kids winner had

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Be a Celebrity Stylist

Newsflash: It's not as glamorous as you think!
Being a celebrity stylist may have a glamorous ring to it, but in reality, there’s more to the actual job than just mixing and matching clothes. To set the record straight, those clothes don’t just grow on trees! It takes a lot

Meet Ylona Garcia's Glam Team

Here's how they keep her looking fresh and youthful.
Ylona Garcia is a talented and charismatic 14-year-old who's truly a trendsetter in the making. And as she prepares for the spotlight, her glam team makes sure she's always at her best. Here's how they keep this rising star looking gorgeous and

How Much Stars Really Spend On Their Red Carpet Looks

All for that one Cinderella moment.
If we were in Hollywood, a star attending the Academy Awards would have to pay a top-notch stylist up to six thousand dollars to make her look like a million bucks. The service would include a designer frock worth at least $15

Myrrh Lao To Dressed Up Julia Montes for the #9thStarMagicBall

The actress won Female Star of the Night.
When stars walk down the red carpet, everybody talks about their flawless makeup, their fancy dresses and who they’re wearing. But when these celebrities make it to the best-dressed list, we normally forget about the stylish team who worked really hard to

Guess Who Won The Battle Of The Artista Stylists?

This teen sweetheart choice made the most noise.
Behind almost every well-dressed artista is a celebrity stylist who’s responsible for that double-tap worthy #OOTD. They do all the legwork to make sure that your favorite stars shine their brightest be it on television or during their live events. And just

Battle Of The Artista Stylists

These names stand alone.
We already introduced you to the celebrity styling teams who go full force to glam up their artista clients. Together, they zip, steam, sew, and perform magic, if need be. This time around though, you’re about to meet the ones who dare to

Style Shifter: Julia Montes

Which among Julia's signature looks do you think she's better off with?
Starting her acting career at an early age, we've all seen how Julia Montes has evolved through the years from her teeny-bopper roles to the more mature yet challenging characters that she's portrayed. But if there's anything that's been consistent as she slowly

Stylist Profile: Myrrh Lao To

From an assistant to his own boss, discover the journey of celebrity fashion stylist Myrrh Lao To.
Breaking in to the mighty fashion industry is a challenge itself, but for the people who work hard for their dreams, it definitely pays off. Here’s something we’ve learned from our little chat with celebrity fashion stylist Myrrh Lao To, previously mentored

Celebrity Style: Charlene Gonzales-muhlach

The Buzz' Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach and her on-screen style!
Admit it, on Sunday afternoons you're not just tuned in to the telly to catch the latest entertainment news but to also find out what Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach is wearing on her weekly show. Always impeccably dressed in outfits from Philippine designers paired heels

Jelly Bean: Sweet Summer

Maja Salvador celebrates sunny days with Jellybean.
The Wild Life Park in Quezon City bring everything that a summer afternoon can offer, cool breeze, shade under the trees and a panoramic view of the lake. Watching Jellybean's endorser, Maja Salvador walk through the woods wearing the brand's latest collection