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What to Wear to Paradise IMF

Definitely something cool and comfy.
Music festival season is at its peak and one of the biggest to hit us this year, Paradise IMF, is just a few days away! So, what does one wear with a chance meeting of Wiz, Afrojack, Kanye, and possibly (we're really hoping!)

Andi Eigenmann, Kiana Valenciano, and More at Wanderland 2016

So here’s what you might have missed last weekend.
There were zero flower crowns in sight at Wanderland 2016. (Okay fine, I exaggerate. Maybe there were 8 or less that I spotted.) I guess it’s safe to say that that festival trend has officially died down. Finally! But what we did


Nope, they weren't wearing flower crowns.
It’s hard to stand out when you’re trying to elbow your way through a jumping, dancing crowd at a music festival. However, for these ladies, stealing the scene came naturally as they let their personal styles do all the talking. Herewith are

5 Festival Trends You Should Stop Wearing

It's time to give up that flower crown.
Now that festival season has officially come to an end, it’s time we stop dressing like we’re off to Coachella or the bohemian fair. Sure, getting dolled-up in floral crowns and cropped tops paired with flowy kimonos kept us “cool” in the

5 Looks To Wear At Wanderland

Can't decide on what to wear? Leave it to us to dress you up.
This is it! The countdown is on as we are officially 2 days away from Wanderland. Everyone who’s going is getting pretty excited, yet there is but one problem: they have no idea what to wear.  If this is the case for

Three Outfits, Rain Or Shine

7107 International Music Festival is happening this weekend—go ahead, let that sink in! Like any other girl, I’m pretty sure you've asked yourself several times what you will be wearing and you probably haven't found an answer. We make it easier by creating

Sling Fling

We're preparing our outfits for the upcoming music festival and today, we're starting with our bags.
There’s music festival after music festival but we’re certainly not complaining. Last week, we delighted in the music of Warpaint and Mogwai at the Feb Fest 2014 and this coming Saturday, we’re hitting the road to Clark Field, Pampanga for the two-day