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Here's Your First Look at Liu Yifei as Disney's New Mulan

So excited!
Here's your first glimpse of the Disney's new Mulan, Liu Yifei.Disney has officially released the first image of Yifei as Mulan, signifying the start of the production for the live-action retelling of the classic film. Yifei bagged the role of Hua Mulan after Disney's

Here's What You Need to Know About Disney's New Mulan

Don't you think you've seen her before?
Disney has finally revealed the actress who's playing Mulan, its latest live action film set to be released in 2019—meet Chinese actress, model, and singer Liu Yifei.Yifei's casting is a breath of relief from the whitewashing allegations that surround Hollywood films, with actors like

Disney Fans and Netizens Demand to #MakeMulanRight

This online petition goes against a non-Chinese Mulan.
If you're a true Disney fan, then you definitely know Mulan down to every hilarious Mushu quote and every high-soaring note of the song Reflection. The beloved hit animation has attracted a new wave of attention 18 years after its original premiere in

The Perks of Being a Disney Princess According to Lea Salonga

She never has to line up for anything!
After Japanese LifeWear brand, Uniqlo, introduced Lea Salonga and BJ Pascual as their newest brand ambassadors at the SM Mega Fashion Hall yesterday, we got a chance to catch up with Preview’s October 2015 cover girl.We talked about beauty and how apparently, the

Disney Is Developing A Live-action Retelling Of Mulan

Who will be that girl, staring straight back at me?
Following the success of "Cinderella", Disney is reportedly eyeing another live-action retelling. And the next princess to get such treatment is—oops!—not a princess but a legendary warrior. The heroine, who runs away from home, disguises herself as a man so she can take

Disney Princesses And Their Local Celebrity Counterparts

The good news is that these princesses don't live in a land far, far away.
As little girls, we all believed in fairytales. We all wished upon a star, dreamed of a knight in shining armor, and imagined a life living in a castle. This fantasy obviously had a lot to do with the Disney flicks we