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Where to Buy Makeup Organizers

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo.
Having a makeup organizer is the most convenient way to sort an abundance of products rather than having them plopped on your vanity, collecting dust. Plus, it saves you A LOT of time rummaging through your dresser and your bag for that

The New Muji Hotel in Japan Is Every Minimalist's Dream Come True

It's their third outpost!
When it comes to minimalist, sleek designs, Japanese retail company Muji easily comes to mind. This also rings true for their hotel properties—the first of which opened in Shenzhen in January 2018. After the second Muji Hotel welcomed guests in Beijing in

Here's the Story of How Japanese Retail Giant Muji Began

From supermarket-shelf anonymity to design icon, Muji’s is the story of a modern classic.
The Muji retail story is an unlikely one, rising from modest beginnings on the shelves of a Japanese supermarket chain to receiving countless design awards and feted at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Muji’s transformation from shelf-filler to cult status

Here's a Peek Inside the World's Largest Muji Store

It's like heaven on earth!
If you're planning a trip to Japan, you most probably have a MUJI stopover on your itinerary. Our suggestion? Head over to their branch inside Aeon Mall in Sakai, Osaka—it's the largest in the world.The 4,300-square meter store opened its doors in

9 Essentials For The Trendy Commuter

Be street smart as you earn points for street style.
They say flashy things are a no-no when you’re taking public transport. They easily attract unwanted attention and can be distracting. But who said you have to give up looking cute while taking the train or the bus? True there are things

Zodiac Style: Pisces

Take the fashion plunge and swim in style inspired by your Zodiac sign.
Pisces girls are known to be the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. They have torrents of empathy, creativity, and ambition all jumbled up in one big waterfall. Everyone born between February 19 and March 20 are known to have soft

Muji In Manila

Caught on cam: the first to shop at the Japanese brand's first Philippine outlet!