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8 Feel-Good Movies to Binge with Your Mom

For your everyday-is-Mother's-Day marathons!
If you prefer to keep things chill when you bond with your mom, we suggest staying in and watching a feel-good movie . That way, you can treat her to a no-pressure bonding sesh without spending a lot of money! Plus, there's

Here's How You Can Book an Entire Movie Theater for as Low as P5,200

Just in time for Dune, Black Widow, and many more!
After more than a year of Netflix parties and streaming our favorite films from home, cinemas are finally opening up again! With safety precuations set in place, several establishments have been dusting off (and sanitizing) their movie theaters to welcome back all

6 Must-Watch Movies You Should See in Your 20s

Give these films a try as you move through this stage in your life.
Entering your twenties can feel very daunting. You're officially leaving your teens and entering a new life phase that requires more responsibility. But at the same time, there's still a learning curve to improve on and a trial-and-error period to go through before you

"Through Night and Day" Is the Top-Searched Movie in the Philippines This Year

Check out the Top 10 movies most Pinoys searched for in 2020!
If there's one word to describe 2020, it's unpredictable. With the world going on lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of our lives changed—including our viewing habits. Most cinemas are closed indefinitely, making streaming platforms our main sources of

This Video Offers the Best Analysis of Parasite

So you thought you knew everything about Parasite? Watch this video analysis.
We’ve seen Parasite a couple of times: twice when it came out, and another time when it won four Oscars. Rewatching a film allows you to pick up things you might have missed during your first viewing, but after watching Parasite three

6 Fabulous Details to Love About the Downton Abbey Movie

Especially for the true-blue fans!
The Downton Abbey movie has arrived. After a two-year wait since the series ended, fans were finally able to head to theaters to catch the Crawleys and the Downton Abbey staff go back to their old antics.The plot revolves around a royal

The New Netflix Releases to Watch Out for in January 2019

To get you excited for the new year!
Start the new year right by binge watching all the fresh films and TV series Netflix has to offer in January 2019. Keep scrolling to check out the eclectic list of selections that will soon be available at your very fingertips.With his

10 Films That Will Give You a Better Understanding of Mental Health

A little compassion and awareness can go a long way.
Despite more and more people coming forward about their experiences with mental illness and mental disorders, there’s still a stigma surrounding the conversation about mental health. Terms like “OCD” and "bipolar" are still regularly used to describe quirks like they’re funny and

5 New Visually Stunning Movies That Also Tell A Great Story

Just like great fashion, the best movies don’t sacrifice function for sheer form.
If you’re still trying to get over that holiday hangover, sometimes the best medicine is to wipe away your caked mascara, pop in a good movie, and let the power of great filmmaking wash away your New Year’s Eve regrets. We know

8 Spoiler-Free Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is Worth the Hype

For one, it's REALLY GOOD.
I remember watching the Wonder Woman trailer for the first time and thinking, "This movie looks amazing!" But before jumping on the hype train real quick, I had a lot of reservations. First off, all the DC movies in this new timeline,

4 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Out on Watching Moonlight

It didn't win Best Picture at the Oscars for nothing.
For those who haven't seen it, it's not uncommon to wonder how Moonlight won Best Picture at the Oscars. How did this film beat La La Land, a film with killer cinematography, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling? We honestly wondered, too. And it was

Jasmine Curtis on Indie Films, Love, and Her Latest Movie

We talk to the young actress about her new movie, Baka Bukas.
Jasmine Curtis loves a good story. Inside this month's issue, we talk to the young actress about her latest film Baka Bukas, which is coincidentally Sam Lee's debut full-length feature. She plays Alex, a girl in love with her best friend, Jess,

20 Movies We Can't Wait to See This Fall

Mark your calendars!
As you know, fall isn't just about fashion. It's also the season of the best and smartest movies to look forward to! So before 2016 comes to a close, we've rounded up all the movies you need to watch.  Scroll down and get