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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Eye Caramba

It's almost Mother's Day! Have you found a gift for mom yet?
Give your mom a reason to trade in her cool specs for a pair of sunnies by giving her a ravishing pair of cat-eyes. With the sun shining bright and hot all summer-long, you can’t go wrong with gifting her the IT

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Kikay Mom

Help your mom paint on a pretty face!
It’s never too late to invest on a good set of high quality brushes. Just the thing for makeup mavens and newbies alike, this travel set has everything a girl could need. From fluffy face brushes to precise eye tools, each brush

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Mom In Need Of A Good Soak

Create a relaxing bath with just a flick of a wand.
Being a mom is a job that leaves you with little time for yourself. With a whole household to manage and children to coddle, that much-needed me time becomes a thing of the past. So if your mom’s been hankering for a

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Naturally Radiant Mom

Reveal a brighter complexion after just one wash.
Harnessing the power fruit juice, Juice Beauty serves up an all-natural skincare cocktail that works overtime. It brightens skin, refines pores, reduces lines, and lightens age spots all in just one prettifying bathroom sesh. Phew! The organic concoction owes all that power

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Wrinkle-free Mom

Gift your mom with this luxurious anti-aging cream.
If there’s one thing older women are concerned with, it’s aging. Mention anything that promises to get rid of lines, wrinkles, creases, or sagging and you’ve got a captive audience. And if you’re looking to give your mom something to help keep

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Urban Mom

The freshest fragrance for the on-the-go city slicker.
For the mom that handles a household and a nine to five on the daily, she needs a power scent. DKNY’s Limited Edition City Blossom line boasts of fruity-floral concoctions grounded by a little amber and musk, resulting in a line that’s

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

Whatever superpower your mom has, this prettifying gift guide has got you covered.
Motherhood is most underrated job in the universe: no vacation leaves, no rest days, no salary! Being a mother is a 24/7 career and there are occasions when a mom forgets to take care of herself. If you're lacking ideas to give

Shopping Guide: To Mom, With Love

For the cool mom that has everything she needs, gift her with a few of these stylish essentials.
With Mothers Day right around the corner, the thing on everyone's minds is: What do I give the woman who gave me everything? While it is a challenging conundrum, we've compiled a list of gifts that are anything but ho hum. Need

Moms The Word

Style Bible's list of specialty Mother's Day gifts.
Having to pick out a gift for the most important woman in your life always brings its fare share of confusion and usually entails a last minute panic-buying mall trip. While the two easy routes to gift buying will have you getting