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6 Times Camille Co and Baby Sienna Went Twinning in the Cutest OOTDs

They'll inspire you to dress up with your mini-me, too!
We didn't think it was possible for the ever-fashionable Camille Co to become even more stylish. But, after she gave birth to Baby Sienna in March 2021, a new layer was added to her sartorial pursuits—that is, she gained an adorable mini-me

I Let My Mom Style Me for a Week and Here's How It Went

Spoiler: She basically dressed me like her mini-me.
I'm my mother's daughter. Style-wise, there are a ton of habits I inherited from her—count collecting handbags, piling on dainty gold jewelry, hoarding high heels, and a love for ladylike silhouettes among many. Where we differ is a whole other story: She's

Check Out These Celeb Moms Who Look Exactly Like Their Daughters

Whoa, we're seeing double.
It's scientifically proven: good looks run in the genes, and these gorgeous celeb mom-and-daughter pairings are definitely proof! Keep scrolling and find yourself agreeing with us—the resemblances are uncanny. Best believe your eyes!Aiko Melendez and Marthena JickainThe only difference between the actress