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Sharina Gutierrez Talks About Her Modeling Career and Being a Proud Filipina

She shares the lessons she's learned on modeling, life pursuits, self-care, and what Filipina beauty truly means.
You could perhaps recall the name Sharina Gutierrez as one of the two Filipinas who auditioned for the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (the other one being Kelsey Merritt, of course). But to set the record straight, to trivialize her as just another model would be

What The Celebs Wore To Their First Casting

Top models and Preview cover girls spill about how they made their first impressions.
Stars, they're just like us. They get nervous before job interviews, or at least their version of the job interview. I.e. the casting. We got the country's billboard and commercial queens to tell us what they wore to their very first one.KIM