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5 Ways You Can Copy Kelsey Merritt's Laidback Model Off-Duty Style

Love Kelsey's chic style?
Kelsey Merritt's name is abuzz for a reason. She's not only a beacon for any aspiring model's dream come true, her modeling repertoire extends to her being an epitome of grace, beauty, and of course, style! The Victoria's Secret model and Sports Illustrated

How to Master the Model-Off-Duty Look

You don't actually have to be a model to pull off this look!
There's actually no concrete or specific formula for a model-off-duty outfit, but once you see it, you can simply tell that it is the "look." Often, it comes with a plain white tee, a pair of denim jeans, sneakers or slides, sunglasses,

Beauty Queen Off-Duty Chic, According to Maxine Medina

What to wear when you're kicking back.
With only ten days leading up to the Miss Universe 2016 coronation night, there's no doubt that Maxine Medina's got every species of butterfly swirling in her stomach. Still, this is one girl that knows how to look good, sash or none!

This Is the Ultimate Must-Have to Nail the Model-Off-Duty Look

Sneakers are forever.
If there’s one fashion item that all local and international models wear, it would have to be a pair of sneakers. We’re sure you’ve seen the countless off-duty OOTDs of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in their trusty kicks. But ladies, even

A Peek Inside Miranda Kerr’s Wardrobe

Nope, it isn't just filled with Victoria’s Secret lingerie.
From Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner, we’ve always been obsessed with how models put their off-duty looks together. It may be just a beat up leather jacket coupled with a wilted band tee and ripped denims, but there’s something about the way

How To Get The Model-off-duty Look

We give you the wardrobe essentials to looking like a model off the runway.
During fashion shows and photo shoots, the models we see are always fully made-up and well styled. They look glamorous on billboards, on the runway, and even on the pages of magazines. What they wear outside the limelight may be less catwalk-material,

The Angels' Secret, Revealed!

It's time to close those jaws and start working(out) for the summer.
“Those abs are ridiculously perfect!" "I’m as tall as their legs, why are they so hot?!” Are these your usual reactions when watching the Victoria’s Secret Angels walk the runway? If you admit to feeling jealous then you might wanna read on.As we

Model Off-duty: Ria Bolivar

Check out Ria’s penchant of mixing vintage and basics.
Models are known to walk the runways and pose for fashion editorials but we also wonder about their sartorial choices when they’re off duty. We zone in on one of Manila’s top models, Ria Bolivar.Ria’s style is laid-back and eclectic. Having the