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6 of the Best Mobile Apps for Productivity

Hustle like a boss with these productivity apps to help you stay focused.
We’re pretty much on our phones and laptops most of our waking hours, so it only makes sense that these devices also help us in areas where it counts—particularly in increasing productivity for work or for school.Thank goodness, then, for technology that

8 of the Most Popular Photo Editing Apps to Download

Up your Instagram game with any of these photo editing apps.
Gone are the days when we used to edit our Instagram photos with the in-app editor. With users no longer content with simple edits and clunky interfaces, the competition has been set high for high-powered and advance mobile apps that allow you

The Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners

Because everyone’s got a video online nowadays.
There was a time some few years ago when photos reigned supreme, that social media experts predicted that video would become the next big thing—and here we are now. Just take a look at the long list of celebrities that have joined

5 Mobile Payment Apps That Will Help You Go Cashless

Shopping will be extra convenient from now on.
There’s this ambitious goal that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has for the country. By 2020, it aims to make 20 percent of all transactions in the Philippines electronic, which means without using cash. While it remains to be seen if

This Cool New App Will Animate Your Summer OOTDs

BRB, downloading!
Amidst the Kira Kira and Boomerang posts all over Instagram, there's a cool new app you can use on your OOTDs to stand out. Plotaverse offers animation that will make any background come to life.One of the first few who discovered it

10 Celebrity-Approved Gadgets You Can Try This Summer

Cheers to a fun vacay!
Unplugging may be the best way to enjoy your summer vacay. But let's face it, technology just makes everything else easier! We scrolled through the ThingsILike app and found cool gadgets that are on these local celebrities' personal wish lists. These tech

5 Mobile Apps Every Beauty Junkie Needs To Have

You can try real makeup products with these apps!
No doubt, Filipinas are obsessed with skin care and makeup. We always want to look our best, after all. And since we live in our phones, why not utilize them to support our passion for makeup and everything that will help us

8 Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Snapchat

You won't have to curate it like Instagram.
I found myself deleting Snapchat a few months ago. It was just one of those moments I vowed off of social media because I felt it was already prohibiting me from “living in the moment.” Inevitably, I went back and reinstalled it.

8 Must-Download Travel Apps for the Ultimate Jetsetter

Less hassle, more time to explore!
Don’t let even a tiny mistake ruin what could’ve been a fun, unforgettable adventure! Below, we list down several travel apps that a wanderlust-consumed millennial should be armed with in her smartphone while exploring the world.1. AirbnbAirbnb is a game-changer. Your options

New York Fashion Week App Maker Comes to the Philippines

Here's how local fashion merchants and influencers can grow their brand.
Hang on to your iPhone holsters. The LA-based developer behind the New York Fashion Week app is now doing business in the Philippines.Hopscotch, a startup that typically creates fan apps for sports teams and concert venues, is now offering its fan engagement

7 Fashion Apps to Download for Stepping Up Your OOTD Game

Put together a double-tap worthy outfit with a simple tap, zoom and swipe.
In this tap, zoom and swipe culture of ours today, our lives are at our fingertips. We are able to get instant gratification straight from our mobile phones within a couple of seconds and a few clicks. From online shopping to having

Here's How You Can Use Instagram Without Data Charges

Access and update your IG for free!
Following the launch of free Facebook, Smart Postpaid subscribers can now also access their Instagram accounts for free. Finally, you can scroll through posts on the photo-sharing app as long as you want, post as many photos as you want, without having

Here's Your Chance to Play Dress Up with Anne Curtis

You can even pick a hair style for her!
After our obsession with the Kim Kardashian App, it looks like we’re moving on to a localized version that seems to be equally fun and addictive.Last night, we finally found out what the buzz was all about. Neon hallways led to Green Sun's The Eye

5 Beauty Apps You Need On Your Phone

Get your daily beauty fix delivered right at your fingertips.
For the tech-savvy the internet knows no bounds, especially when it’s right on your smartphone. But the best thing to pop out of this modern living situation is probably the invention of apps. Exciting, time consuming, and utterly addicting, we weed out