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12 Elegant and Minimalist Tattoo Ideas If You Adore Sunflowers

You can't go wrong with the happiest flower of all.
When thinking about a flower that protrudes overflowing warmth and positivity, the sunflower is definitely the first that comes to mind. Just by seeing its sunny head adorned with bright, abundant petals, you’re instantly attracted to its inviting and uplifting ambiance. If

12 Minimalist Flower Tattoo Ideas and Their Hidden Meanings

Fall in love with these delicate inks and their stories.
If you're looking to have a new tattoo, we won't be surprised if you've considered a floral ink. Not only are they timeless and elegant, the meanings behind different flowers can also be deeply personal. One way to "simplify" its deep meaning

Here's a Closer Look at All of Heart Evangelista's Small, Dainty Tattoos

Her chic, easy-to-hide inks will definitely convince you to get inked.
Because of their profession, many celebrities keep their tattoo design choices small. You'll see this in the likes of Sofia Andres, Andrea Brillantes, and Anne Curtis, who all sport tiny inks in easily-concealed places. The same can be said for Heart Evangelista,

11 Elegant and Minimal Moon Tattoo Ideas You'll Want to Get Inked

These chic designs are definitely out of this world.
The moon is nothing short of magical; and for some, it may even have a special meaning. To preserve those special memories, or simply adorn yourself with its elegance, getting a moon tattoo is the way to go!You can choose different moon

12 Elegant Forearm Tattoo Designs That Can Inspire Your Next Ink

It's one of the best placements for first-timers!
Since the forearm is a body part we often see the most, placing a tattoo on that area is quite special. It could be your best accessory, or the meaning it holds could serve as a constant reminder. So, if you’ve planning

10 Meaningful Tiny Wrist Tattoo Designs to Get With Your BFF

Commemorate your special bond!
Are you planning to get a friendship tattoo with your BFF? If you can't decide which placement and design to go for (especially with all the options you have), we highly suggest getting a tiny wrist tattoo! A small tattoo on the wrist

12 Minimalist Doodle Tattoo Ideas for a Delicate Yet Unique Ink

It'll give a regular minimalist tattoo a quirky touch.
If you’re thinking of marking your skin with a delicate ink, consider a doodle tattoo. This style gives any design a cool, "raw" effect that's different from your average minimalist tattoo. Moreover, doodle art makes for an exceptional choice for an ink

10 Pretty Thigh Tattoo Designs You Can Get As Your First Ink

It's the perfect spot for small and intimate inks!
Placements are considered as your tattoos' permanent residence. It can also influence the design’s scalability, visibility, and even longevity. That said, choosing the best spot for your next ink is one key factor you shouldn’t overlook. There are a lot of popular

Nadine Lustre Finally Shares the Meanings Behind Her Leg Tattoos

They give us a glimpse of why the actress feels she's at her best state.
Last June, Nadine Lustre was spotted getting a fresh set of inks at her go-to tattoo studio, 55 Tinta. The actress-musician had the words "it is what it is" and "that's it" written on her calves, and it's one of her smallest

10 Minimalist Hip Tattoo Ideas If You Want Something Discreet

Want a sultry, low-key ink?
Deciding to get a tattoo can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking decisions to make. It’s exciting because you get to express yourself through a permanent form of art on your body, yet nerve-wracking because you have to choose carefully

10 Elegant and Minimalist Nape Tattoo Designs You Won't Regret Getting

Not afraid to show off your ink? Consider inking the back of your neck!
Having a tattoo behind your neck can be quite intimidating since it's always visible, but opting for a minimalist design would make it less daunting. Nape tattoos are actually quite elegant, and their confident, unapologetic vibe makes for such a cool statement.That's why

10 Simple Tattoo Designs That You Won't Regret Getting

These will look good no matter where you place them!
Whatever your reason is for wanting a tattoo, the hardest part is always deciding on the perfect design.Unlike dyeing your hair or putting on makeup, a tattoo will be there forever. As you grow old and your body changes, your ink will

12 Dainty Finger Tattoo Ideas That You Won’t Regret Getting

These low-key designs are perfect if you’re not a fan of flaunting your tatts.
There’s no denying that the interest over tattoos has grown exponentially in recent years. Why the sudden obsession? In our opinion, it has a lot to do with the emergence of tinier, minimalist tattoo designs. Massive arm or sleeve tattoos are still

10 Dainty Wrist Tattoos If You Want a Subtle, Minimalist Ink

Considering a wrist tattoo? Then take inspo from these chic designs.
Getting a tattoo these days has become more of a fashion-forward endeavor. Blame it on the multitude of celebrities who’ve made their ink a stylish accessory that complements their ‘fits—we’re looking at you Harry Styles and Heart Evangelista! But there’s no denying