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Differences Between Gen Z And Millennials, And Why They Matter

The two younger generations share a lot of similarities, but not with everything.
Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is composed of today's youth born from 1997 to 2012. Many of whom are now in high school and college, with current fresh grads being the first of the generation to officially join the workforce.While

All the Coolest Sneaker Drops We're Dying to Cop Right Now

Heads up, sneakerheads!
Sneakers were once seen as "rugged" shoes made solely for outdoor activities, but now, they're touted as one of the ultimate status symbols that can even be pitted against the glorious designer handbag.Since the rise of luxury streetwear, we've seen sneakers in

These Juice Shots Are Healthy Alternatives to Your Daily Coffee

Start your day right with these healthy juice shots!
Vowing to start a healthy lifestlye is easier said done. Caffeine-free, all-green weekly meals sound less than appetizing especially when you're transitioning from fast food to fruits and veggies on the daily. Then again, no one said you had to fully give

Here's What to Expect from Apple's New Airpods Pro

The Airpods just got an upgrade.
Following the recent iPhone 11 launch comes the announcement of yet another Apple development: the Airpods Pro, a.k.a. the better, pricier version of the regular Airpods. The tech giant unveiled the upgrade to their true wireless earphones just two days ago with

20 Chic Ways to Wear White Shoes

They'll look great with just about any outfit!
By now, you’ve probably already realized that it’s not just white sneakers that have become a wardrobe fixture—but rather, white footwear in general. From sandals to loafer mules, to ballet flats, to stilettos, the white shoe has been spotted on many Instagram

These Filipinas Share How They've Mastered the Art of Wearing Heels

Score their tried-and-tested tips here!
Once upon a time, high heels were made exclusively for men. Its origin goes all the way back to 15th century Persia, where horseback-riding soldiers wore heeled shoes to keep them secured in stirrups. This shoe style later found its way to Europe,

10 New Millennial Slang Terms and How to Use Them

In case you want to stay up to date vocabulary-wise.
Instagram's great and all, but it can get stressful trying to achieve the perfect feed. You might want to consider getting a "finsta," which is short for "fake Instagram," an alternative (and often private) account on the social media platform that's more

How to Achieve Your Dream Home, According to Millennials

These homeowners know what they want and how to maximize a set budget.
Many millennials have been investing in properties, with plans of turning these into a home, a halfway home, and as a rental unit. As homeowners, they have a clear picture of what they want to achieve in the space. They know how

5 Millennial Words Are Officially Added to the Dictionary

The English language continues to evolve.
Every June, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) makes it a point to add new words that have become part of the vernacular. Mainly gathering from slang and internet jargon, the OED has again recently updated—below, check out the new words that have

Who's Your Daddy: Defining the New Millennial Word

Are you a "daddy"?
The word daddy has been around for many years. For many, it simply means father, or perhaps a term of endearment for a father-figure in your life. But in reference to what Yondu said to Peter Quill in the latest Guardians of

This Rose Quartz Colored Restaurant Looks Too Good to Be True

If the term "millennial pink" makes you cringe (same) but you still can't stop loving that barely-there blush hue everyone's crazy about, you are going to adore this posh Singaporean spot! Welcome to Odette Restaurant, run by Chef Julien Royer—who, btw, has

12 Fashion-Related Signs You Belong to Generation X

Sorry, millennials! This isn’t about you…ish.
With '80s and '90s influences—maximalism and logomania, among others—as key trends this year, no other generation of fashion lovers could attest to the saying “Everything old is new again” more convincingly than Generation X. After all, how often does a generation see

7 New Ways to Shoot Your Instagram OOTDs

Millennials have got it down to a science.
Instagram is heavily associated, almost to a fault, with perfectionism. Many users of the social media app have been lambasted left and right for the careful curation of their identities—imperfections filtered out, unbecoming subject matter cropped away. That aside, it's always fun