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An Expert Explains Why You Should Be Investing Right Now

Do you feel like you're not financially free? Read on.
Financial freedom: That's what everybody wants. Whether you're a fresh grad or a few years into the wonderful world of employment, everyone just wants to have enough room to breathe. If you're not sure what financial freedom is, it's the feeling of

10 Struggles Only Millennials Understand

Admit it, you’ve been called “entitled” and “lazy.”
The term “millennial” is often negatively stereotyped as being lazy, entitled, and too attached to the online world. Truth be told, being born with all the luxury that the modern technology has to offer also has its downside. Below are some struggles

20 Struggles Only Facebook Addicts Understand

Ah, the suspense that comes with waiting for likes!
Introducing, millennial problems at its finest. We bet you can relate to these, too!1. You're caught up thinking about your next profile photo and how perfect and amazing it has to be.It has to be updated so that the cute guy you met