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The Best Hairstyles to Try for Long Faces

You can rock pretty much any length!
Some people just tend to make your physical features sound different or unusual: like how your tall height makes you look like a giant, being short has you looking stunted, or your round face makes you look like a child.This kind of

This Undated Planner Is Perfect for Travel Junkies

It's like carrying a little piece of home wherever you go!
In one of the episodes of Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, Piper Chapman describes love by saying, with a peaceful knowingness, that it's "like coming home from a long trip." While you've probably got tons of travels and outings on your

Top 10 Hotel Spas in Metro Manila

Spoil yourself a little!
Stressed? Burnt out? Going through a quarter-life crisis? One way you can escape it all without actually leaving the city is by planning a staycation at a fancy hotel. Another way to level it up? Book a massage treatment at said fancy

The 12 Best Outlet Stores in the Philippines

Looking for sneakers at a discount?
There's nothing like getting a good deal or bargain when shopping. And, outlet stores and designer villages are the best when it comes to both. Thankfully, a number of these shops have sprouted in the country of late. Here are the best

This Couple Had Their Prenup Shoot on Manila's Rehabilitated Jones Bridge

Even Mayor Isko Moreno couldn't help but admire the photos!
Nowadays, where pretty wedding prenups fit for the 'gram are concerned, most couples would naturally resort to far-off scenic destinations. Engaged couple Meyrick Guan and Bernardine Go, however, took the road less traveled, proving that all the backdrop you need to get those gorgeous

Facebook Has Banned These Three Emojis

Offenders may have their accounts deactivated if they keep posting the emojis.
No more eggplants, peaches, or water droplets. Social media giant Facebook, which also owns Instagram, has banned the use of the three emojis, citing its crackdown on online sexual solicitation. Facebook has released a revamped set of guidelines in Section 16 of