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Macao Imperial Tea's Halo-Halo Drink Is Back, and It's So Pretty

Make sure to snap an IG story before taking a sip.
Much as we hate the feeling of sweat against our skin, there is one thing we look forward to in the summer months—and that's having an excuse to treat ourselves to anything and everything icy-cool and refreshing. It's for this reason that

These Sweet Milk Tea Drinks Come in the Cutest We Bare Bears Cups

You have to try their Praline Series!
Milk tea lovers, your holidays just got sweeter! Apart from the usual confectionaries that come with our drinks, Macao Imperial Tea is adding a new ingredient to the mix—Praline! FYI, this saccharine treat is made up of nuts, sugar, and cream; a rich

This Pinay Content Creator Will Show You How to Create Drink-Inspired Makeup Looks

Check out these three eye makeup looks by Angia Laurel that are inspired by strawberry milk, ube milkshake, and milk tea.
The use of cosmetics isn’t just for concealing blemishes and contouring faces. It’s a form of art that can take inspiration from anything, even from traditional mediums (read: the old watercolor eye makeup trend). That’s why we came up with a fun

This Local Artsy Milk Tea Shop Looks Just Like a Comic Book

Live your webtoon dreams here!
2D-inspired interiors are nothing new, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being fun and interesting. The concept went viral a few years back, with Japanese and South Korean shops sporting the theme. The 2D Café in the Shin Okubo neighborhood in

These Scented Candles Will Make Your Room Smell Like Milk Tea

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If you've been obsessing over scented candles lately, you're not alone. Lighting one up is an easy way to relax your senses since they're usually infused with essential oils like lavender or peppermint. You can also choose afun scent, such as one

Strawberries + Oreos Make Sweet Love in This Lush New Drink

Available for a limited time only!
Strawberries never fail to make us swoon, especially when they're turned into desserts—strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, you name it! It also pairs really well with other flavors—in particular, chocolate, such as crunchy, bittersweet Oreo cookies. There's something about how the fruitiness

This Matcha Coffee Panna Cotta Drink Is As Good As It Looks

This milk-tea shop makes the pairing work.
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers—and it might appear that the two are from completely different worlds unlikely to ever collide. But when done right, tea and coffee can taste surprisingly great together—as proven by a one-of-a-kind drink

This Milk Tea Shop Serves Their Drinks in Reusable Bamboo Cups

The business was started by two science teachers during the quarantine.
This milk tea shop in Iloilo is selling their drinks in reusable bamboo cups!Darlings' Milk Tea gives the option to have your order served in bamboo cups instead of the single-use plastic cups when you dine-in. If you love your bamboo cup