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This OG Preview Girl Is Also an Asian Games Gold Medalist

Pop culture sweetheart and national athlete Mikee Cojuangco struck gold at work, in her choice sport, and in life.
Before Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and a dozen other women enjoyed (or tried so hard to escape) the elusive It Girl tag with which the press anointed the next big thing, it was perhaps Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski’s iconic showbiz run that set the

12 Timeless Bridal Looks to Inspire Your Future Wedding Dress

Classic and modern ideas courtesy of Lucy, Georgina, Kim, and Dawn right this way.
Whether your vision of the dress is a sweeping ball gown, a playful mermaid, or a sparkly slip dress, the goal is to make sure that you look timelessly beautiful in photographs—that imposing hallway portrait will serve as a reminder for years to come—and enjoy regram potential, the way

Cutting Age

It ain't nothing but a number.
If there’s one question all women avoid it would have to be, “What’s your real age?” Within seconds of asking, one notices the following: a coy attempt to change the subject or the very popular trick question, “How old do you think