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Objets D'art

Artists and designers get together for an afternoon of Filipino art.
[previous|page|next]Last July 14, over twenty artists and designers got together for Objets d'Art: Perspectives, an exhibit of jewelry, furniture, and art at the One Rockwell Tower.Now on its second year, Objets d'Art was founded by jewelry designers Nicole Whisenhunt and Malou Romero

Michelline Syjuco: Summer 2012

The accessory designer gives us yet another tough slew of bold, hand-crafted pieces.
Fine jewelry, step aside. When we first saw the sculptural jewelry by accessory designer Michelline Syjuco, it was love at first sight. Well, love dashed with a bit of intimidation, that is. For those who are familiar with the work of this

Modern Mythologies

Three accessory designers present their Darna, Galema, and Dyesebel-inspired creations.
The almost invulnerable Darna, the willful and serpentine Galema, and the beautiful and resilient Dyesebel—these three heroines of Filipino komiks and folklore were the latest muses of three of Manila's most talented accessory designers, Michelline Syjuco, Joyce Makitalo, and Nicole Whisenhunt. The

Michelline Syjuco: One Of Preview's Ten Designers To Watch

The accessory designer takes komiks heroines as her latest inspiration.
Michelline Syjuco is firmly cementing her stance as one of the Philippines' foremost accessory designers one accolade and one beautiful collection at a time. Her latest commendation comes from Preview, which includes her in this year's batch of Ten Designers to Watch.

Pefta 2010

The Ten Designers to Watch for 2010 each showcases crystal-themed looks to herald the launch of Preview Emerging Fashion Talents Awards.

Michelline Syjuco: Prive Fashion Series

Bold jewelry designer Michelline Syjuco forays into headwear.
Innovative, experimental, unconventional: these three adjectives sum up what it means to be avant-garde. And more often than not, avant-garde is what people say when they describe Filipina jewelry designer Michelline Syjuco. Fearless, too, should be added to that list as her

Designer Spotlight: Michelline Syjuco, Summer 2010

The avant-garde jewelry designer presents her latest summer collection.
Michelline Syjuco's jewelry definitely leaves a striking impression upon those who see it. Brazen and peculiar, her wearable sculptures startle the eye because of their unusual shapes and amalgam of materials and textures that, taken individually, one hesitates to believe would create


A trio of jewelry designers goes futuristic for Firma.