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Everything You Want to Know About Cushion Compacts

Master the Korean invention.
Leave it up to YouTube beauty guru Michelle Plan to school us on our favorite Asian beauty products. Though relatively new on the market, the cushion compact has been making waves in the beauty industry, both because of its innovative packaging, and

15 Minutes with Michelle Phan

We talk to the beauty vlogger about breaking the Internet.
It’s a cold but bright afternoon in Tokyo, and we are ushered into the Google/YouTube office. They just flew in Michelle Phan, one of YouTube’s biggest stars, to judge a region-wide beauty guru competition. She sits across us on an armchair in

5 Fashion Girls Who Are Science Geeks

Biology, Psychology, Rocket Science.
There’s a whole science behind fashion.  So many equations and probabilities that when not put together can explode and land you on the worst dressed list. But there are Fashion Girls who are actually into Science, as in” planets, chemicals, biology, etcetera.

Michelle Phan Is Making Comics Now!

Your makeup hero is working alongside Stan Lee.
Line Webtoon, an open-platform portal for comics and all things anime and manga, is a haven for fantastical fiction lovers everywhere! The English version of the Korean website is looking to grow exponentially as it has in Asia (almost half of the


Your one stop shop for those makeup tutorials.
Need some fresh new looks this summer? Here, we list the 5 beauty vloggers that can show you that inspiration is just a click away.MICHELLE PHANMichelle Phan is a must-watch vlogger, especially when it comes to anything that's beauty-related. Her channel hosts

Look We Love: Winged Liner

We scour Youtube for the best eyeliner tutorials to watch.
Sometimes even the seemingly easiest makeup techniques are hard to achieve without someone actually showing you how to do it. While products in all shapes, sizes and colors look great while on display at the department store, learning to use them once