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If You're a BTS Fan, You'll Love Bershka's BT21 Fashion Merch

You'll want everything!
We've got great news, ARMY! Bershka released a BT21 capsule collection and we promise you'll want everything. The capsule collection features a printed hooded sweatshirt, a shirt, and a tote bag. Payday is almost here, and we think you already know where

KFC Just Dropped a Line of Fried Chicken Fashion Merch

And it's closet hoardin' good.
Let's be real. Fried chicken is a way of life—and now it can be a fashion statement, too! If you've ever been overcome by the insatiable urge to scream your love for that finger lickin' goodness out into the world, let KFC's

Be The Ambassador Of Positive Vibes

Team Manila releases a capsule collection about spreading the good vibes.
Filipinos in general are known to be always in a good mood, always welcoming, and always warm. Think of the last monsoon that hit our city, we still see most of our countrymen helping each other and smiling in photos as if