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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Menstrual Cups

Make the switch and close the loop on sanitary napkins!
You’ve probably seen the menstrual or so-called period cup all over Youtube and Instagram. And perhaps you're slightly intrigued by it, as more and more women are making the switch. Now, we're here for you! Here's everything you need to know about

6 Types of Food to Avoid When You Have Your Period

Your favorite comfort food may only end up causing you discomfort.
For most of us girls, that week-long menstrual period is our most dreaded time of the month. It never fails to bring in cramps, bad mood, and often-intolerable pain. But the worst part? This also means we have to cut down on

Sb Jams: Period Mix

To end the red month, a menstrual playlist a la No Strings Attached.
It's the end of the red month and we've got our period. Well, I've got my period. Although, because of our major female bonding here at SB, I'm pretty sure I'll infect everyone soon and have us all on the same cycle.

Whisper Dares Anne Curtis

Whisper launches a new variant and welcomes Anne Curtis as its new endorser.
Actress and TV host, Anne Curtis, takes on Whisper’s challenge as the latest endorser of the brand’s newest variant, Whisper Cottony Clean. In an action-packed launch, Anne gamely answered revealing questions and performed physical challenges in an exciting game of Truth or