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Chanel Is Releasing a Makeup Line Made Especially for Men

And Korean actor Lee Dong Wook is the campaign's handsome face!
For the first time in the brand's history, Chanel is dropping Boy de Chanel, a makeup line created for men. The three-piece collection, consisting of an eyebrow pencil, sheer foundation, and a matte lip balm, will debut in South Korea on September 1! Actor Lee

The Hair Game Is Strong at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Locks that never seem to go out of place.
The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever is still on as the month-long event comes to its final—and perhaps most anticipated—stages. And if you're anything like us (read: style-obsessed), you'd somehow notice the competition is fierce not only in the pitch, but also

Here's How You Can Make Men's Hair Products Work for You

Because everything is unisex.
Sleek and brushed back, cropped and sculpted, clean and dandruff-free—these are the heady ideals you'll want to master. Guess what? You can achieve all of it with products originally meant for men. Find out how below!1. GelMade for thicker hair, gel provides

10 Cool Barbershops Where Stylish Guys Can Go for a Haircut

For when your girlfriend’s go-to salon just won’t do.
Specialty grooming shops are sprouting all over the metro, and with good reason. If you must know, gone are those days when guys and their girlfriends (or, you know, moms) are advised to share the same hairstylist. A true gentleman values the

This Beauty Site Was Created Just for Men

Pamper yourself, bro.
Surely, when you think about beauty and grooming, the ladies have an ample amount of resources to consult their concerns with. But it’s different for men. Unless you’re an insider, you wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to get the best pomade

7 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Man

Boy meets girl.
Here's one way to save bathroom space (aside from, you know, showering together): curate a vanity table that's his-and-hers-friendly! After all, the couple that grooms together stays together. Below, seven unisex beauty products good for sharing:1. Close-Up Diamond AttractionIMAGE WatsonsBecause a brilliant

6 Grooming Essentials for Every Dapper Man

So that you won't have to secretly steal products from your girlfriend!
Thankfully, times have changed! Men are now upping their skin care game to the next level. We're talking about what goes into making a man look more attractive, from his physique down to his wardrobe. One of those key steps is to

For the Boys: What's the Right Type of Facial Wash for Your Face?

Washing your face is one thing, choosing the right product is another.
Sure, you know that washing your face daily is important for avoiding things like clogged pores and pimples. But before you reach for that facial wash, know also this: There are different kinds of facial wash made for different types of skin, from

These Will Be the Most Banging Hairstyles for Guys This Year

Print this out and go to the barber, stat!
The folks over at Men's Hairstyles Today recently came up with an infographic of hairstyles that they predict will go big this year. To help us further along, they also incorporated instructions as to what to tell the barber and how to style your new

Hot Guys with Long Hair

Resist the urge to run your fingers through their locks.
Early last month, our Instagram feeds were stocked with photos of male models sporting gorgeous runway looks fresh off the Fall 2016 Men’s Collections. But other than the threads (which we’d steal in a heartbeat), our eyes were drawn to the guys