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4 Ways to Infuse Wellness Into Everyday Life in Your 30s

It's super simple!
A lot of significant life changes happen when you're in your thirties. From shifting to a busier career path, adjusting to married life, to health and body changes, there are a number of things we all go through when we hit the

11 Essential Oils for Your Everyday Needs

These will always come in handy.
Essential oils are the talk of the town right now for natural remedies. They're said to have multiple health benefits that range from mental to physical, which they achieve without the need of chemicals."When used correctly, they exert very powerful results and

7 Apps to Help You Chillax

Keep calm, and meditate on your smartphone.
Our mobile phones can provide pretty much anything these days so we searched the App Store for the best meditation programs that can reduce stress, increase focus at work, slow down aging, release happy hormones, and improve our overall wellbeing in the