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Geneva Cruz Wants Netizens to Stop Telling Her to "Cover Up" Her Body

"Just so you know, I. DON’T. CARE. WHAT. YOU. THINK. OF. ME."
It's no secret Geneva Cruz isn't one to shy away from her haters—especially those who comment on her posts or respond to her stories. Her epic responses to body-shaming and ageist remarks are pretty empowering. Unfortunately, her positivity does not appear to deter

Arci Muñoz Reads Mean Comments

Watch her answer back to her haters!
“I eat mean tweets and mean comments for breakfast,” Arci Muñoz told us as soon as the cameras started rolling. A constant target of hate on the internet, our July cover girl doesn’t feel the need to hide from online trolls. Instead,

Jessy Mendiola Reads Hate Comments

Now the joke’s on you, haters!
Go ahead and try to bring her down, but Jessy Mendiola could not care less about her haters.With vile comments constantly plaguing the internet, the main targets are normally celebrities or public figures who—contrary to popular belief—are just ordinary human beings who

Watch These Girls React to Mean Comments

Shrug it off, girl!
As the popular saying goes, “You can’t please everyone.” Cleary, Preview’s Girls of Summer know that people will always have something negative to say about them. And while they appreciate constructive criticisms, there are just certain remarks that sting more than the