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10 Nude Lipsticks That Look Just Like Your Lips But Better

Find your perfect MLBB shade!
As much as we love experimenting with different lip colors, the most-used hues in our makeup bag will always be nude lipstick. It's perfect for practically any look, be it for day or night, and just gives your complexion a gorgeous hint

How to Build a Starter Kikay Kit for Under P2000

Choose which product you should invest good money in!
Girls consider makeup not just as a form of self-expression but also as a basic necessity. Used to enhance our innate beauty, makeup brings us the confidence we need to face our daily workload. But if you’re someone who’s just beginning to

Underrated Beauty Products Under P500

Budget buys right this way.
While others get a rush out of unwrapping a new tube of lipstick or cracking open a new bottle of foundation, the feelings also come with a heavy heart in the form of parting with this month's wages. Let's face it, being