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8 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Face Routine

Because it's way too hot for a full face.
Being extra with your beauty routine in the dry season (A.K.A. "summer") is quite the struggle. Less automatically feels like more, leaving all of us with no choice but to make a few necessary switches. Nobody wants to look a mess, we

5 Face Mists That Can Mattify Oily Skin and Control Shine

Spritz away!
While face powders work wonders in removing shine, they tend to unwantedly emphasize fine lines and dry patches. This is especially true in your thirties when the skin naturally gets drier. If you want to cut back shine without looking flat, try switching to illuminating powders, or in this case,

10 Matte Sunscreens That Your Oily Skin Won't Hate

These won't make your face shiny.
Don't let the rumor about sunscreen being sticky and greasy get to you. It's nothing but that—a rumor. Whatever your skin type, there's a way to keep your complexion protected from the sun, even if you live in a tropical country like

Review: This Drugstore Foundation Kept My Face Matte All Day

Oily-skinned girls, read up!
Revlon's Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation is a liquid foundation that uses high-definition filter technology to softly blur imperfections under lights, like an Instagram filter in a bottle. It has a built-in blending sponge to help buff the foundation into the skin to achieve

10 Matte Foundations That Won't Make You Look Greasy This Summer

For fresh-looking skin all day long.
Don’t let your makeup dampen your summer vibe. To achieve even-toned skin even in the blazing heat, find a foundation that will stay fresh-looking and matte even on oily skin. Below are our top picks that won’t leave you looking like a

10 Matte Foundations Your Skin Won't Hate This Summer

Look fresh and oil-free!
It's time to stow away those dewy foundations for the next few months, because the scorching summer sun won't be as forgiving as it was during the Ber months. Instead, opt for some lightweight bases this season to keep your skin looking

5 Skincare Picks That Will Leave You Moisturized and Matte

It's all about balance.
We know, we know—it's an era of dewy, glassy, and glowing skin. But sometimes, when you're oily by default, it's great to have a good base because eventually your natural oiliness will, ahem, shine through, anyway. Since we like looking for beauty

How Makeup Artists Hide Large Pores and Bumpy Skin with Powder

A trick straight from the pros.
Makeup 101 tells us that if you want to hide it, mattify it. Forget everything you've heard about dewy skin for a second, because let's face it—large pores and bumpy skin simply can't jive with shine.Now here's where powder comes in. We

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 Non-Greasy Moisturizers

These are definitely humidity-safe.
Having to face the challenge that is the Philippines' humidity is serious business. Our moisturizers, for one, have to juggle being hydrating and nourishing with being lightweight and non-greasy, because otherwise we won't even bother using them more than once. Thankfully, there

Maybelline's Fit Me Line Is Now in the Philippines

The US bestseller is out to rock our local shelves.
Ever since Maybelline's Fit Me! line launched in the US, beauty bloggers everywhere couldn't stop raving about how good it is. Try googling it right now, and you'll be greeted with a mass of glowing reviews. And when the Fit Me! concealer first

10 Face Primers to Keep You Matte All Day

Say yes to budge-proof makeup!
If you've been skipping primer all this time, then you've seriously been missing out! Primers are a must for smooth foundation application. Not only does it make the product last longer on your skin, it also blurs out pores and fine lines.

Yes To Radiantly Matte Skin In The Summer Heat

Yup, it's finally possible!
There’s nothing like simulating the healthy glow of youth. But in our humid climate, there’s a fine, fine line between dewy and oily. In the summer heat, things can get really slick in the most uncute way, which is maybe why Bobbi