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8 Times KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad Wore the Cutest Coordinated Outfits

Nope, twinning with your SO doesn't have to look gaudy!
Fact: KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad are a powerhouse duo. Not only can they command a stage and carry a tune, they're also guaranteed to brighten your day with countless swoon-worthy moments. The best part? They somehow always look stylish when they try to make us swoon!

8 of Cassy and Mavy Legaspi's Most Stylish Twinning OOTDs

They are each other's literal other half, after all!
They says twins are cut from the same cloth, so we guess Cassy and Mavy Legaspi come from an uber fashionable kind. The pride and joy of actors Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi, the Gen Z sibling duo has a cohesive, telepathic-like sense

10 Times Ashley Yap and Her Dad Richard Yap Wore Matching OOTDs

Like dad, like daughter!
Some daughters see their fathers as superheroes, and whoever said that not all heroes wear capes wasn’t lying—others wear a Hermès belt like celebrity dad Richard Yap! Together with his sidekick a.k.a. daughter Ashley, these two channel a neutral and complimentary color-themed matching

We Love David Guison and Angelique Manto's Minimalist and Aesthetic Couple OOTDs

They’re serving us looks in pairs and we’re all for it!
We’re sure you’ve seen this couple stealing the spotlight on your Instagram feeds. From their signature minimalist aesthetic to their entertaining vlogs, David Guison and Angelique Manto have quickly become everyone’s #couplegoals when it comes to matchy-matchy OOTDs. Even though they are

This Couple Will Inspire You to Wear Matching OOTDs with Your Boyfriend

The Young Emperors are in it for love and fashion.
Fashion is a love language and it is widely spoken by couples who wear matching OOTDs together. We see it clearly on the Young Emperors, a fashion-themed Instagram account run by real-life creative couple Nelson Tiberghein and Isabelle Chaput. As of writing,

5 Non-Tacky Ways to Do Couple Twinning This Valentine's

Twinning is winning.
Chances are, you and your beau have tossed matchy couple dressing as something under your mutual he-he-hell no list. The very idea is just way too tacky for you, an undeniably stylish pair....or is it? We're here to keep you second-guessing the

Here's Why Korean Couples Love to Wear Matchy-Matchy Outfits

They take twinning to a whole new level.
When it comes to twinning, regular sweethearts have nothing on Korean couples. They’re not ones to shy away from declaring to the world how much they love their significant other, and you don’t even have to be a K-drama fan to notice

10 Couple Outfits that are Actually Cool

Get tips from these stylish pairs.
Matching couple outfits are a big deal in countries like Japan and South Korea (especially South Korea), and we think it'd be interesting if Filipinos caught on to the trend. And okay, your boyfriend will definitely freak out at the idea of

Celebstagram: The Ladies Suit Up

Gone are those days when menswear was for men alone.
We understand if you’re not yet ready to fully commit on becoming matchy-matchy this season, so if  you're looking for another way to jump in on the co-ords trend, start suiting up! You’ve already seen how the It girl Bea Soriano travels

Matching Sets And Co-ords That Will Spice Up Your Wardrobe

‘Tis is the season to go matchy-matchy!
You’ve already seen how the celebs are doing it, so now it’s your turn to sport some co-ords! This season is all about giving your wardrobe a matchy-matchy makeover, and whether you’re in the mood for playful patterns, flirty florals, nautical stripes,

Traveling In Style With Bea Soriano

This It girl will show you an easy-peasy way to dress up when traveling.
We often hear people say that fashion should be fun and is not to be taken seriously. And while the former is undoubtedly true, we always encounter difficulties in doing the latter. But as we stumbled upon Bea Soriano’s travel diary, once