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10 Luxurious Spa Resorts in the Philippines

For your much-needed pampering.
Lounging around the beach, taking a dip in an infinity pool, or dozing off in a hammock on the weekends make life much more bearable. Luckily, we have a number of breathtaking island resorts all over the country where we can do these

10 Expensive Beauty Things You Should Treat Yourself To

You deserve it.
Girls know that nothing in beauty ever comes cheap. That’s why it’s so hard to instantly shell out cash on products and treatments that you want to try. Our advice, however, is to save until you have enough to treat yourself! Because after working

The Spa Fountain Of Youth Package

Style Bible's Nikki Santiago checks out The Spa's latest anti-ageing treatment.
TREATMENT: Fountain of Youth Package at The SpaDURATION: About 2.5 hoursWhat is it? The Fountain of Youth Package is an anti-ageing treatment made up of two parts: the Age Defense Treatment (facial) and the Toning Bamboo Revival (scrub and massage). It promises “refreshed