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10 Best Sheet Masks to Shop for Instantly Glowing Skin

Achieve that "glass skin" look in a single step!
Sheet masks have always been a staple in K-beauty skincare routines with their ability to moisturize and brighten the face while leaving behind a glossy sheen. That's why when you have extra time on your hands, consider it as an opportunity to throw

FYI, Those Insta-Famous Copper Masks Might Not Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

There's a reason why MakatiMed doesn't allow it.
Copper masks quickly became popular for its "bacteria exterminating" promise and stylish, unique look. You've probably seen it all over social media, and many celebrities have been spotted wearing the trendy mask. We have to admit—it's definitely a notch higher than a surgical

This Stylish Minimalist Top was Designed with a Built-In Mask

Chic, comfy, and convenient!
Now that both masks and face shields are required protective gear when heading out of the house, new conundrums come up. Matching your mask to your outfit (true story!), worrying about how to store it, remembering to sanitize it if it’s a

New Balance Will Be Making Masks for Hospital Frontliners

Apart from a pledge of $2 million for COVID-19 relief, the American company has tasked its factories to develop and manufacture masks for frontliners.
In the fight against the COVID-19 virus, it’s interesting to see how organizations are turning to their expertise, retooling what they were doing in the time before the pandemic into something that can help right now.The fashion world, for instance, offers what

Here's What Medical Frontliners Are Doing to Avoid Face Mask Bruises

Doctors and nurses have been suffering from bruises caused by having to wear masks for prolonged periods of time.
If you're out in the field as a medical frontliner helping battle the COVID-19 pandemic, then you would know just how many layers of wearable protection you'd need to avoid contracting the virus yourself. To stay safe while saving lives, the minimum

Pond's Just Released Its Own 99-Peso Sheet Masks

And they claim to be more powerful than your average serum!
Pond's is officially jumping on the K-Beauty train with their own line of sheet masks! The brand just announced the release of their Serum Masks—and they look very promising.These are definitely not your average sheet masks. Pond's Serum Masks claim to have

5 Skincare Products That Are Worth It If You Want Plumper, Firmer Skin

Feeling a little extra? Try these pampering picks.
Staying at home after a busy week is becoming more and more tempting, especially when it involves Netflix marathons and self-pampering. This weekend, why not give yourself the luxury treatment your face deserves? It’s just the indulgence you need to greet the

10 Essential Face Masks for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Sheet, sleeping, or clay? We've got it all!
On days you're lacking in the glow department, a face mask is your no-frills solution for getting your skin back in shape. So whether you're rushing out the door or staying in for a pampering session, here are the ones you can

This K-Beauty Brand's Bestselling Face Masks Are Finally in Manila

Wallets at the ready!
Another Korean beauty brand just arrived in the Philippines! Face mask junkies, rejoice—this might just be right up your alley. Introducing, Mediheal.Developed by skin experts from Seoul University, Mediheal claims to have the number one mask pack worldwide. Each mask aims to

10 Sleeping Masks That Can Cut Your Skin Care Routine In Half

Leave them on and be amazed!
We're all about having multi-step routines (the K-beauty way is famous for a reason!), but we all have nights when we want to spend those extra 10 minutes on something else—sleep. On these lazy nights, we go for products that require the

9 Nourishing Face Masks Dry Skin Will Love

So you can finally get that glow.
Don't be fooled. Not every face mask that promises hydration actually delivers. Especially for you dry-skinned folk, you need masks that will nourish your parched skin to get that glow. So and lo and behold, the moisture machines you've been looking for:IMAGE

14 Eye Masks That Will Depuff Your Tired Eyes

See the difference.
The price that your undereyes pay for pulling all-nighters is a given. That said, it doesn't mean you're doomed to look like a zombie the day after. Treat your eyes with a good eye cream and boost its benefits with our new