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15 Best Mascaras for Instantly Longer and Fuller-Looking Lashes

There's one for every budget!
Whether you're stepping out barefaced or going full-glam, a coat of mascara never hurts. It's the one product that can instantly make you look fresher and your eyes more wide awake with minimal effort. All you really have to do is determine

7 Mascaras That Promise Naturally Longer-Looking Lashes

No one will know.
It's magical what one coat of mascara can do to your eyes. It instantly makes you look more awake, as if you've had five extra hours of sleep. The only tricky part is finding the perfect products that will enhance your lashes'

3 New Innovative Mascaras for Extra Fluttery Lashes

No need for falsies anymore!
They say that the eyes are the window to your soul., and if you're a beauty junkie like us, then you know that nothing frames them better than fluttery lashes. Considering how wearing falsies can be such a bother, we rely a

Beauty Bestsellers: Guerlain's Most Iconic Products

Find out more about one of beauty's oldest houses.
Guerlain has been in the business of luxury and beauty for more than a century. Founded in 1828 by master perfumer Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, the small business was passed down five generations to become the beauty powerhouse that still stands today. Although they are still

10 Classic Mascaras Every Makeup Newbie Should Know About

Your guide to tried and tested lash enhancers.
Whether you're into makeup or not, we can all agree that mascaras are an essential beauty item. It ties an entire look together and is probably the one of the few things that truly creates a significant difference compared to other makeup

3 Foolproof Tips to Layer on Mascara

How to build your lashes right without clumping.
If lashes are your thing and you love to layer on your product, just make sure you do it right. Our new favorites from Revlon, specifically their Ultra Volume, Super Length, and Volume + Length Magnified, are a trio you can wear

3 Mascaras You Should Check Out Right Now

Time to head to the department store!
Mascara is a beautiful thing. One coat has the power to make you look wide awake, two coats and you suddenly transform. Your eyes look bigger, your smize becomes more alluring, and you feel more feminine with your newly-enhanced visage. And since

10 Waterproof Mascaras That Are Perfect for the Rainy Days

Because raccoon eyes are a big no-no!
Braving the rain is basically like going to war. You have to be properly armed if you want to survive a downpour. While protecting your outfit from getting soaked is of utmost importance, making sure that your makeup stays in place is