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All of Martine Ho's Most Stylish Pregnancy Outfits

Martine's maternity style is undoubtedly chic!
Martine Cajucom-Ho is on the last leg of her pregnancy—all set and ready to meet Baby Ho! Now, while we wait and pray for Martine's successful delivery, let's take a look back at some of her most stylish preggy outfits! The new

You Have to See What's Inside Martine Ho's Stylish Birthing Kit

The momma-to-be is all set to welcome Baby Ho!
Martine Cajucom-Ho is about to pop any day now! And in true It girl fashion, the soon-to-be-momma went all out in making sure she has packed everything that she and Baby Ho will need at the hospital. Of course, expect nothing else

All of Martine Cajucom-Ho's Adorably Cool Preggy OOTDs So Far

Who says maternity threads have to be a snooze?
If you thought Martine Cajucom-Ho's famously fun style was going to tame itself during her pregnancy, you were very, very wrong. We're beyond delighted to announce that she's every bit as cool as she was pre-baby! Here, we round up all her

How to Pack Light, According to Martine Cajucom

She curated a capsule wardrobe!
Traveling to another country is an exciting activity wherein we learn and experience new cultures, meet people, and of course, beef up our IG feed. But truth be told, one of the pains of traveling is packing. We're constantly looking for packing

All the Details of Martine Cajucom's Pre-Wedding Party in Bali

As expected, everything was super Instagrammable!
Martine Cajucom and Cliff Ho's big day is finally happening tomorrow! And in true It girl fashion, Martine definitely won't bid adieu to singlehood without a bang. Before she officially ties the knot, here's a look at their pre-wedding festivities: 1. Martine will

LOTD: Martine Cajucom's Bachelorette Party Outfit Is Red Hot

A lesson on how to cover up but still show skin.
Oops, she did it again. Martine Cajucom channeled some serious Britney vibes at her Las Vegas bachelorette party, arriving swathed in sheer scarlet. Now that's how you make sure you're the evening's unrivaled star.More than just Brit references, we think her lewk

LOTD: How to Dress Down a Power Suit, According to Martine Cajucom

You won't believe how much this whole outfit costs.
Abandon the idea that suits are just made for the boys. And while you're at it, you might want to rethink wearing the blazer-and-trouser combo solely in the office.Take a quick look at Martine Cajucom's outfit and you'll see just how you

This Instagram Username Trend Seems to Be the New Cool Thing

Celebrities are changing their IG handles into a first-name-only format!
Back in the ‘90s, supermodels didn’t need a last name. All you needed to remember were Cindy, Naomi, and Linda, and people would know who you were talking about.Fast forward to the age of the internet and social media, last names have

5 Adorable Swimsuits We Want to Steal from Martine Cajucom

Brb, heading to the pool!
You can bet that Martine Cajucom is making even the most sun-scared editor at Preview (a.k.a. yours truly) want to hit the beach—would you look at her swimsuits?! They're adorable. One quick scroll through her Instagram feed has got us this close to

This is Where You Can Buy Martine Cajucom’s Flirty Dress

We love everything about this dress!
Have you seen this recent OOTD post of It girl Martine Cajucom? Apart from her signature messy but sexy ponytail and Raye sandals, we couldn’t get our eyes off her 1950s-inspired sun dress. We thought we’ve seen it somewhere and then it