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This Collection is Proof That Grunge Isn’t Dead

Mark Tamayo’s MFF 2019 collection shows how you can sport the ‘90s in a current way.
With the comeback of ‘80s fashion in today’s runway trends, do the ‘90s still have a place in our wardrobes? Mark Tamayo makes a case for it. In this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival presentation, the designer showcased an obviously ‘90s inspired

This Sheer White Dress Is Perfect for the Rebellious Bride

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The moment Mark Tamayo's first look went down the runway, all we could think of was how perfect it would be for a civil wedding. The sheer half-suit, half-dress number had a crisp sophistication to it despite its subtle rejection to go

This Androgynous Model Makes the Case for Gender Fluidity

Meet Jullian Culas.
Our society's standards, by default, recognizes boundaries in fashion that separates males from females. Naturally, girls are expected to be feminine and guys need to be masculine. The times, however, have changed. And all thanks to androgyny (derived from the Greek word

Medida by Mark Tamayo and Nino Angeles

See their Fall/Winter 2016 collection here.
When two talented designers collaborate for a collection, only two things can happen: it can either be a brilliant masterpiece or an utter disaster. As for the joint effort of Mark Tamayo and Nino Angeles to breathe life into their “Medida,” the

Marked 2016 by Mark Tamayo

See the Fall/Winter 2016 collection here.
Marked 2016 is Mark Tamayo’s take on the progressing emancipation, not only of fashion and the high-flown tendencies of menswear, but also of our ever-changing society. His menswear collection may have an appeal to the testosterone-filled fashionphiles, but it definitely had a

Mark Tamayo Presents His 50 Shades Of Grey

And it looked like grunge glam.
From the get-go, Mark Tamayo was bound to come up with something dark yet romantic when he chose Lana Del Rey’s ballads as his main inspiration for Dark Paradise, a collection of playful silhouettes in serious shades of grey. Think: a trench coat over a

Phfw Day 5 Review: Grand Allure Holiday 2013

Eveningwear takes on new forms this season courtesy of 14 designers all with different styles.
The fashion stakes get higher every year at Philippine Fashion Week and this season, the height of elegance at the Grand Allure show was as it should be with 14 designers showcasing their different takes on formal wear. The range of styles

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012: Luxewear

Fifteen designers, one big show. Get the scoop on the latest in luxe dressing from Philippine Fashion Week!
Being cooped up with such a long list of fellow designers for one one-hour show must have been quite a challenge for some of the following designers: Anthony Ramirez, Aztec Barba, Dax Bayani, Joyce Pilarsky, Julius Tarog, Lyle Ibañez, Mark Tamayo, Melvin

Designer Spotlight: Mark Tamayo

Get to know one of the metro's fastest rising fashion design talents.
We first took notice of his sharp designs during Weaving the Future, the social design competition introduced by the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) last year. The architectural dimensions and sharp styling of his apparel collection stole our attention,