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I Tried the Viral "Perfect Lip" Hack from TikTok and Here Are the Results

Can a brow pencil and blush really give you the perfect lip shade?
Struggling to find the perfect lip combo to complete your look of the day? Well, this TikTok trend may just be your best bet!You’ve probably heard about TikToker Kenzie B (@yokenzieb), A.K.A. Mackenzie Burn, who's taking the platform by storm with her technique

7 TikTok Influencers You Should Follow for Awesome Makeup Content

Don't miss out on their product recos and tutorials!
Gone are the days when Youtube and Instagram are the main platforms for makeup tutorials and product reviews. In this fast-paced day and age, the bite-sized and straight-to-the-point content that Tiktok videos provide is all the rage, and it's not surprise that

We Asked 11 Morena Girls to Reveal Their Favorite Blushes

Find out their go-to shades for a flattering flush!
Blush is the quiet miracle worker in everyone's makeup bag. It has the ability to change your overall look just by adding a pop of color! Some blushes can also serve multiple purposes—you can use a cream blush as a lip color,