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Try These Body Care Tips If You're Dealing With Dry Skin

Struggling with rough elbows and knees? Here's how to solve it.
While you may have your skincare routine down pat, there’s a slight chance that you could be neglecting body care. This becomes an issue when you’re dealing with dry, rough skin. Remember: Nourishing your body is just as important as nourishing your face.

8 Best Glycolic Acid Soaps for Exfoliating Rough and Uneven Skin

Get rid of dead skin cells without the harsh scrubbing.
Looking for a way to cleanse and exfoliate in one go? A glycolic acid body soap is exactly what you need. Aside from helping unveil your skin’s radiance, it reduces the appearance of blemishes as well! In fact, you can also easily

All Your Fave Beauty Products Are on Sale This Black Friday

Discounted prices from Fenty, Foreo, Urban Decay, and more? Yes, please!
If you’re an avid online shopper, you won't want to miss out on any Black Friday promos—especially if it involves beauty products! Well, this year, make sure to watch out for Sephora's Black Friday sale. From November 23 (starts officially at 12:01 a.m.)

4 Excellent Eye Creams You Need in Your Nighttime Beauty Routine

Banish those wrinkles and dark circles!
Sticking to a nightly skin care habit can be overwhelming, especially when there always seems to be yet another “must-have” product you need to add to your already burgeoning evening routine. Hear us out, though: Your under-eye area has some of the

How to Zone Your Skincare Products Like a Pro

An editor’s tried and tested tips.
Being religious about your beauty routine might guarantee you a seat at the #flawless girls’ table but there’s certainly more to skincare than slapping on and layering a bunch of products on your face. Vanities as such is a thing we at

8 Little Beauty Luxuries You Can Actually Afford

Everything under P2000!
To the non-beauty obsessed, splurging on skincare and makeup might seem quite unreasonable. Instead, they opt to settle for the lesser priced products displayed on the beauty counters. Although sometimes, spending a little extra won’t hurt, especially if you know that you’re

7 Acne-killing Products Every Girl Needs

This is the list you've been waiting for.
You wake up to a sunshine-y day in a chirpy mood, excited for a date, that promotion you’ve been waiting for, or simply in high spirits because you just a good night’s sleep. But then you look and the mirror and boom,

Top 10 Sunscreens For Your Eyes, Lips, And Hair

For your more sensitive areas, grease up with these picks!
Practicing safe sun means creating an armor against the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from the body and face, these delicate spots need extra attention, too. Remember that the eyes and lips possess thin, delicate skin and can show the first signs of