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Assemble Your Own Sandals with This Local Brand's Fun DIY Kit

With Zapateria, you'll get to craft your own footwear the same way a Marikina shoemaker would.
2020 was a tough year for the Marikina shoe industry—its main hub, the Marikina shoe gallery, closed down before the first year of the pandemic even ended. Thankfully, the industry has also had some hopeful moments since then with newer brands (like

Multi-Talented Filipino Designer Brian Tenorio Passes Away at 42

We say goodbye to an extraordinary individual who dedicated himself to making our country a better place.
Today, the Philippines has lost one of its most passionate, creative individuals: Multi-talented designer Brian Tenorio has just passed away.Perhaps the fashion industry knows him best for his work as a shoe designer, dedicated to bringing the Marikina shoe industry to the

This Local Premium Leather Shoe Brand Is Surprisingly Affordable

Filipino-made Balthazar shoes boast topnotch quality at surprisingly low prices.
Leather shoes seem to be divided into two classes these days: top-quality leather shoes that are also quite expensive and affordable leather shoes that are easily damaged after a few months. Why can't there be something in between? That's exactly what Altina

This Local Brand Makes Functional and Minimalist Marikina Shoes

You'll want to use them every day!
Now more than ever, local brands are making a space for themselves in the market, offering homegrown products at affordable prices. However, the idea that high-quality local products are only a recent development is a bit of a misconception. Many local products

This Online Store Is the Newest Shopping Hub for Marikina-Made Shoes

Support the local shoe business.
Marikina-made shoes are known for their top-notch quality and expert craftsmanship that are at par with internationally known shoe brands. While the local industry had suffered a major blow in the past decades due to the economy's unfortunate decline, we're seeing a

This Shoe Company Is Reviving the Marikina Shoe Industry

Long live traditional shoe-making.
It was not too long ago when Marikina-made shoes were revered in the local fashion scene. The country's shoe capital birthed footwear of impeccable craftsmanship and durability. Now, in a sea of imported products with lower price tags, homegrown brands struggle to

Futureshoes: A Shoe Exhibit Like No Other

This year's Marikina Mayor's Gala redefined the meaning of shoe craving.
This time last year, the Marikina Mayor's Gala was not only dedicated to raise hope for the local talents who would become the future of the city's shoemaking industry, but also to help the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Fast forward to

Maco Custodio Sheds Light On The Marikina Shoe Industry

Can the shoe capital of the Philippines bring back its golden days?
The past couple of days had us here at Style Bible riding a crazy shoe frenzy, talking about #shoefies and Louboutins non-stop. We can’t exactly pinpoint what got it rolling but something tells me it might have started when we went to