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How to Say Sorry to an Amiga at Lunch

It's a lot less awkward than you think.
There will come a time when we will say or do something that would cause a rift between a friend and ourselves. If you’re both forgiving, you’ll kiss and make up. Other times you’ll go on leading separate lives, that is, until

The 5 Things You Do That Annoy Sales People

Why you gotta be so rude?
Did you get a good laugh out of that video up there? We did too. But what’s not funny? Running into rude (rue!) girls like Bon Qui Qui each time we hit up our favorite store in real life. More often than

This Is Why Fashion Week Is A Game Of Thrones

Let the Beibs and Cersei Lannister teach you a thing about manners.
Season after season, we’ve noticed that some seem to forget their manners when finding a seat at the halls of SMX. I personally have very little tolerance for distasteful behavior and at an event where you’re expected to dress impeccably well, so