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Celebrity #manimonday

Make like your fave celeb and get creative with these painted tips.
When something is as fun as nail polish, choosing a color to streak your nails with can become a daunting task for the fickle-minded. From dozens of colors and textures to choose from, a girl can get overwhelmed with all the existing

Minty #manimonday

So fresh and so clean!
I don’t know about you guys, but the summer heat is crazy. Plus, with the sun coating the outdoors with blindingly hot light, it’s almost impossible to get away from the heat.In an attempt to relieve my eyes from the harsh light,

A Glittering #manimonday

This week's edition provides some sparkly fun!
The only un-fun part about nail polish is getting rid of it. As someone partial to glitter top coats and changing my polish up to three times a week, this proved to be a difficult problem. Until I was introduced to Ruby

#manimonday: Let Your Digits Dance For A Cause

Read on for a bright bunch of summery hues!
I’ve got two left feet and a lot of horrendous, dance floor-clearing moves. No joke, I revealed one of my signature dance moves to one of my guy friends and after that, he said it was a good thing we were friends

#manimonday: Sweet Pink Tips

I got smitten by this lovely pink bottle.
The love month has got me feeling girly almost every day, so when I laid eyes on Bobbi Brown’s Glitter Nail Polish in Ballet Pink 3, I knew immediately that the shade falls right into the category. The bottle embodies what every

Wicked-inspired #manimonday

It isn't easy going giddy over green.
Yes, I’ve got a hangover, and no, it didn’t involve any alcohol consumption on my part. Inspired by Wicked, I’ve decided to go green. Aside from the green eye shadow I sported while watching the show (this ended up on my cheeks